Georgians get another aid check and that’s how you qualify for $350

New plans have been announced to give $1.2 billion in federal COVID relief funds to people living in Georgia who need it most.

More than 3 million residents who receive state benefits will receive $350 from the US bailout plan passed in 2021.

To qualify, you must receive help from Medicaid, food stamps, cash assistance, or subsidized child health insurance.

‚ÄúThis aid will help some of Georgia’s most vulnerable citizens cope with the ongoing negative economic impact of the COVID-19 public health emergency and the 40-year high inflation caused by disastrous policies implemented by the Biden administration,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. office wrote in a statement on Aug. 15.

WJCL reported that the payments are expected to roll out in September 2022, according to Governor’s spokesman Katie Byrd.

Governor Kemp announced the plan on Monday. He currently has full control over how COVID-19 relief funds are allocated, though his governorship race against Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams remains neck-and-neck.

Bloomberg writes that an Abrams campaign spokesperson Alex Floyd called Kemp’s handouts a “PR stunt” in an email. Floyd said: “Georgians need a real leader, not more vote-buying election manifestos.”

This is not the first time Georgians have received a cash bonus during the election year. Governor Kemp recently announced the distribution of a new stimulus check.

This year’s race for governor of Georgia is one of the most anticipated in the country. You can vote on Tuesday 8 November.

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