Getting a $1,400 stimulus check puts you one step closer to your bank account – WSB-TV Channel 2 – Community News
Stimulus Check

Getting a $1,400 stimulus check puts you one step closer to your bank account – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — A $1,400 stimulus check moved one step closer to your bank account on Friday.

The bill went through a committee and is now on its way to be voted by the full US House later this month.

People like the Meadows family in Cobb County said the money will go a long way.

‘We keep some of it. We’ll spend some of that and put it back into the economy,” Duncan Meadows said. “I’m thankful it’s happening.”

President Joe Biden’s economic stimulus plan will send even more money to families with children. It also calls for a substantial increase in the child discount.

Passing the bill as written, the Meadowses, a family of four, would receive $5,600 in stimulus money, plus $6,600 in tax credits for a total of $12,200 in aid.

“Some of that number is not really a surprise. The tax credit is new to me, so it’s a surprise,” said Atlanta economist KC Conway.

Conway told Justin Wilfon from channel 2 that the aid will be a nice surprise to many struggling families in Georgia.


“We’re a younger demographic here in Atlanta and Georgia, so we have more families and more kids,” Conway said.

Here’s how the tax credits would work if passed: The government would send $3,600 to families for every child under six and $3,000 for every child under 17.

As part of the plan, each family could receive the money in monthly payments the following year.

Conway is concerned about the cost of the package, which he says will likely be met with little support from Republicans.

“There will come a day of reckoning. We’ll have to think about that. Are we going to pay it with higher taxes or how are we going to pay this back? These are incredible numbers,” Conway said.

These are numbers the White House said will lift five million American children out of poverty.

Families like the Meadowses say the money would provide an extra blanket of security while they sit out the rest of the pandemic.

“We don’t know what the next month or months will bring us. Our jobs are safe now, but you never know what will happen,” Meadows said.

Much of the money would be phased out for higher-income families.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms went to the White House on Friday to meet with the president to discuss various priorities for the city of Atlanta.

She said Channel 2 Action News after meeting she wants to say more about how COVID-19 vaccines are distributed, and with $350 billion in the stimulus package for state and local governments, she wants to make sure Atlanta gets its fair share.

Bottoms said she left the meeting encouraged.

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