Google Pixel Watch stars in new official video showing off its design

Pixel watch oblique view


  • Google has posted an official video showing the Pixel Watch from all angles.
  • The smartwatch is secured with Gorilla Glass protection.
  • We also get a closer look at the crown, single dials and the patented strap attachment mechanism.

The launch of Google’s first smartwatch is now just a few days away, and while we’ve already seen it thanks to renders previously shared by the company, here’s another chance for you to take a closer look in a new official video.

The Pixel Watch shows up in all its glory in Google’s latest promotion, showing off its design. The circular display runs all the way to the back, where we see the Gorilla Glass branding. So it is certain that Corning made the glass protection for the watch. However, it is unclear whether the back is also covered with glass or not.

The right side of the Pixel Watch has a single button and a crown. We previously thought there would be two buttons on the side, but that is clearly not the case now. The video also confirms that the crown is a rotating one, so it will most likely serve as a physical navigation button, just like the crown on the Apple Watch.

Elsewhere, we get a better idea of ​​the strap attachment system. It looks like the patented strap will lock into the dial with a rotating action. The video also features a number of static and animated watch faces, including one with a Fitbit logo. Google has already confirmed on its official Pixel Watch page that some features on the smartwatch require a Fitbit account and the Fitbit app. We’re not sure how that would work, as Fitbit recently confirmed it’s shutting down its accounts.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t reveal much else about the materials used in the construction of the Pixel Watch or whether it has a formal durability rating. Tune android authority on October 6 to get all the details about the smartwatch and any other new hardware Google is launching.

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