Governor ends COVID-19 public health emergency | News in Wyoming
Governor ends COVID-19 public health emergency |  News in Wyoming

Governor ends COVID-19 public health emergency | News in Wyoming

Star-Tribune staff

Gov. Mark Gordon has signed a decree ending the state’s COVID-19 public health emergency, his office said Monday.

At the same time, Gordon signed another order, which his office said would give working nurses time to get a license in the state.

“Wyoming has done a wonderful job of enduring the pandemic,” he said in a statement. “The emergency is over, but people’s responsibility to each other is not.

“There’s one persistent concern – Wyoming’s lack of healthcare professionals,” he continued. “This deficiency includes nurses and has existed long before COVID and was only exacerbated by the pandemic.”

His order regarding nursing staffing went into effect on Monday and will remain so for 60 days.

Gordon issued a state of emergency in Wyoming on March 13, 2020, two days after the first case was identified here at a Sheridan County resident. The order instructed the Office of Homeland Security, the Adjutant General and the Wyoming Department of Health to mobilize resources to combat the COVID-19 public health crisis.

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Following an increase caused by the omicron variant, COVID-19 has been in decline in Wyoming. On Sunday, state hospitals treated 23 COVID-19 patients. That number peaked at nearly 250 in October.

Cases in Wyoming have also dropped dramatically following an increase driven by the omicron variant. At the end of January, the state seven-day average for laboratory-confirmed cases peaked at 1,000. It is now under 40.

Gordon’s announcement was not a surprise. He said last month that the public health emergency would run out in mid-March.

The previous announcement said that the majority of Wyoming residents will not be affected by the end of the state’s public health emergency (the state declaration covers areas other than its national counterpart, which is still in force).

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