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Govt Gets Mandate To Search Aadhaar Among Beneficiaries Under Social Security Code

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is now mandated to seek the 12-digit unique identification number Aadhaar from people such as employees and workers in the unorganized sector who wish to register, receive benefits, use services or receive payments under various regulations under the Social Security Code 2020.

Aadhaar would not be required to provide services under various social security schemes under the purview of the ministry as the 2020 Social Security Code has not been fully implemented until now.

The rules under the Code are finalized by the ministry, but those rules have yet to be announced.

The main purpose of the latest mandate given to the ministry is to facilitate the creation of databases, especially for people in informal sectors such as migrant workers.

“Now we will start requesting Aadhaar numbers from beneficiaries under the Social Security Code. This is also required for our database for workers in the unorganized sector, including migrant workers. However, the provision of services under various social security schemes would not be denied due to non-submission of Aadhaar,” Labor Minister Apurva Chandra told PTI.

In this regard, the Ministry issued a notice on May 3, authorizing the Ministry and the entities operating under the Ministry to search the Aadhaar number from the beneficiaries under the Social Security Code. The code was adopted by parliament last year.

“…the Central Government hereby designates May 3, 2021 as the date on which the provisions of Article 142 of the said Social Security Act shall come into force,” the notification read.

Section 142 provides for establishing the identity of an employee or a disorganized employee or any other person through the Aadhaar Number for claiming benefits and using services under the Code.

The Social Security Code 2020 will accommodate nine labor laws. They include the Employee Compensation Act, 1923; The State Employee Insurance Act, 1948; The Provisions Act for Employees and Miscellaneous Provisions, 1952; The Employment Placement Act (Mandatory Notice of Vacancies), 1959 and the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.

The other laws to be included are The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972; The Cine-Workers Welfare Fund Act, 1981; The Welfare of Construction and Construction Workers Act, 1996 and the Social Security Act of Unorganized Workers, 2008.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ministry said the section’s notification will allow Aadhaar to be collected for the database of beneficiaries under the various social security schemes.

According to the statement, the National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW) is at an advanced stage of development by the National Information Center. The portal aims to collect data for disorganized workers, including migrant workers, for the purpose of benefiting from various government schemes.

An interstate migrant worker can only register on the portal based on Aaadhar’s submission.

Section 142 of the Social Security Code is only opted in to collect employee data, including migrant workers. No benefit will be denied for lack of Aaadhar, the statement said. PTI KKS RAM

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