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Health officials urge people to get COVID-19 vaccine

Nicholas and Sydney Jowett with their newborn Isabelle Jowett.  Isabelle was born by Caesarean section after Sydney contracted COVID-19.

When 32-year-old Marysville resident Sydney Jowett went to the hospital for a COVID-19 infection, her biggest fear was dying and leaving her children behind.

“I’m just thankful I’m still alive because all the nurses and doctors out there didn’t think I would make it,” Jowett said.

After being terribly ill with COVID-19 for nine days, Jowett made the decision to go to the hospital. She was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia. She was also 35 weeks pregnant.

“It’s really scary. COVID is really scary,” said Jowett. “I never thought I’d get this sick and I never thought it would get this close to home.”

Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section to protect her health. After her daughter was born, Jowett’s condition quickly improved.