Healthcare facility Attleboro hit hard by COVID-19 cases | Coronavirus – Community News

Healthcare facility Attleboro hit hard by COVID-19 cases | Coronavirus

ATTLEBORO — Coronavirus cases are on the rise and a retirement home in Attleboro has been badly hit.

Brookdale Senior Living, an assisted living facility on Garfield Avenue, reported 39 cases to the state’s Department of Health between Nov. 15 and Nov. 22.

But so far the jump at Brookdale appears to be an isolated incident and generally the virus is being kept out of aged care facilities.

Five others in the area contacted by The Sun Chronicle reported zero or small numbers of cases.

In the most recent report on coronavirus in aged care facilities, filed Nov. 24, 10 of 721 reported one to four cases of coronavirus.

That means there were 10 to 40 new cases on November 24.

Meanwhile, 19 institutions reported one to four cases among employees, meaning there were 19 to 76 additional cases.

So at its worst, there were 116 new cases of coronavirus in 721 aged care facilities statewide, which have thousands of residents and staff.

According to a state website, Brookdale has 130 apartments or rooms.

If there is one person per apartment, that would mean 30 percent of the Brookdale population will be affected.

However, there could be two people per unit, which would lower the percentage.

Brookdale spokesman Andrew Young said the company does not disclose “individual community demographics,” so an exact number was not available.

And he said most cases are not serious.

“Most cases are mild to no symptoms at all,” Young said.

To date, according to DPH, no one has died from the disease in Brookdale.

Young noted that Bristol County, in which Attleboro is located, is currently a “high transmission zone,” making an outbreak more likely.

Amanda Bernardo, director of communications and strategy for the state’s Executive Office of Elder Affairs, said Brookdale is getting help from the state.

“The Department of Public Health’s Rapid Response Team has been on site at the Brookdale Assisted Living Residence to assist with infection control and testing,” she said in an email.

Meanwhile, Attleboro’s Life Care Center, an experienced nursing and rehabilitation center, reported just two cases.

“Recently, two of our residents tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus),” Director Pat O’Connor said in an email. “We immediately put in place our COVID-19 protocols and procedures. The residents have been isolated and are being cared for by dedicated staff. We have also notified state and local health authorities and sent messages to family members and staff.”

John Kearns, spokesman for the Fall River Diocese and Madonna Manor, an experienced nursing and rehabilitation center in North Attleboro, said they have had no recent cases of coronavirus.

And David Ball, spokesman for Maples Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Wrentham, said there are currently no cases of coronavirus among residents or staff at that facility.

And at The Residence at Great Woods in Norton, spokesman Ted Doyle said everything is fine.

“It’s been pretty quiet in Great Woods,” he said. “Nothing is happening there.”

One person who answered the phone at Christopher Heights Assisted Living in Attleboro simply said, “We’re fine.”

New cases of coronavirus in The Sun Chronicle’s 10 community area rose 100, from 214 in the week ending Nov. 11 to 314 in the week ending Nov. 18.

That is an increase of 47 percent.

Statewide, cases went from 10,889 in the week ending Nov. 12 to 15,523 in the week ending Nov. 19, a 42 percent increase.

The average number of daily cases went from 1,555 to 2,217.

Meanwhile, the death rate remains low.

Of the 15,523 cases, 98 were confirmed deaths from the coronavirus, which is 0.63 percent of all those who contracted the disease in the week ending November 19.

The current average age of those who die from the disease is 76, according to the state’s Department of Health.

The worst week for deaths was the week ending April 25, 2020, when 16,976 cases were reported and 1,170 deaths occurred.

The worst week for cases was the week ending January 9, 2021, when 39,946 cases were reported and 562 deaths were reported.

Both weeks were before vaccines were available.

Since the widespread distribution of vaccines, the number of cases and deaths has fallen.

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