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Here’s How Jeremy Jackson ‘s Ex Wife Was Seen Homeless After 2 Years Of Disappearance

Jackson Jeremy and Loni

The ex-wife of Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was seen on the streets after almost 2 years since she disappeared. However, the model was carrying a cigarette in her mouth as she was scavenging inside bins.

What The Picture Showed About The Condition Of Jeremy Jackson Ex-wife When She Was Found In Streets?

The picture revealed that she was hopeless and still dealing with the series of blows. Loni Willison, ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson was seen in the roads of Los Angeles after being missing for almost 2 years.

The couple married during the year of 2012 but due to some circumstances, they met with some trouble. The Baywatch star Jackson and Loni’s relationship took another road of destruction after a series of booze and-fuelled rows.

What Did Loni Said About Her Situation When The Reporters Came In To Ask her?

The Los Angeles reporters asked Loni about the reason why she disappeared two years back. In response to this, she just said that she hadn’t talked with Jeremy yet.

She also told the reporters that she doesn’t want to speak with their friends and claimed that she is fine. She then said that she doesn’t want any help from the people who were close to her.

The model who went missing for almost two years added that she can live on her own. She said that she has all the things which she needs right here like money and foods from the bins.

How Jackson’s Wife Loni Ended Up Living In The Streets?

The story began when Loni disappeared in the month of October in 2018. However, her friends went to have a check on the model into rehab which she was following. The report revealed that the model was addicted to crystal meth and also suffered from mental illness.

Loni previously worked as an assistant at LA cosmetic surgery centre. However, she faced a great wave in the year of 2016 when she suffered from her mental illness. While she was suffering, she lost her job and subsequently her house as well.

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What Did She Say About Her Financial Crisis During Her Previous Interview?

During an interview in the year of 2018, she revealed how difficult it is to fall hard on the grounds. She also said about how she felt when she was evicted from her apartment.

However, without any job or financial support, she couldn’t afford to pay her rent or upkeep her car. Therefore, she ended up living in the streets of Los Angeles, carrying luggage and contents on her suitcase.

She also said to reporters that she hadn’t showered for almost years now and keeps looking like a dirty person. She does that to avoid being assaulted by the people.

Although, Loni’ ex-husband Jackson has not talked about her yet the media will definitely ask him about his opinion. This is quite shocking to see a famous model living in the streets with no friends or family to support her.

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