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Here’s the full payment schedule for next year’s COLA Social Security checks

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Social Security benefits for next year will be slightly higher than this year – 5.9% more overall, thanks to the largest rise in the cost of living in nearly four decades. Rising inflation and relentless supply chain pressures have forced the Social Security Administration to increase benefits for seniors by an average of about $100 per month.

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Here’s when you can expect your payments to increase each month:

  • If your date of birth is on the 1st-10th: second Wednesday of every month

  • If your date of birth is 11th-20th: Third Wednesday of every month

  • If your date of birth is 21-31: fourth Wednesday of every month

Payments January 2022

  • Second Wednesday: January 12

  • Third Wednesday: January 19

  • Fourth Wednesday: January 26

February 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: February 9

  • Third Wednesday: February 16

  • Fourth Wednesday: February 23

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March 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: March 9

  • Third Wednesday: March 16

  • Fourth Wednesday: March 23

April 2022 payments:

  • Second Wednesday: April 13

  • Third Wednesday: April 20

  • Fourth Wednesday: April 27

May 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: May 11

  • Third Wednesday: May 18

  • Fourth Wednesday: May 25

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June 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: June 8

  • Third Wednesday: June 15

  • Fourth Wednesday: June 22

July 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: July 13

  • Third Wednesday: July 20

  • Fourth Wednesday: July 27

August 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: 10 Aug.

  • Third Wednesday: 17 Aug.

  • Fourth Wednesday: 24 Aug.

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Payments September 2022:

  • Second Wednesday: September 14

  • Third Wednesday: September 21

  • Fourth Wednesday: September 28

October 2022 Payments:

  • Second Wednesday: October 12

  • Third Wednesday: October 19

  • Fourth Wednesday: October 26

Payments November 2022:

  • Second Wednesday: November 9

  • Third Wednesday: November 16

  • Fourth Wednesday: November 23

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December 2022 payments:

  • Second Wednesday: December 14

  • Third Wednesday: December 21

  • Fourth Wednesday: December 28

The increase is effective January 1 for Social Security beneficiaries and December 30 for SSI beneficiaries.

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