Here’s what you need to know November 19, 2021 – Community News

Here’s what you need to know November 19, 2021

DETROIT – Michigan reported 14,561 new cases of COVID-19 and 242 virus-related deaths Wednesday — a daily on average 7,280.5 cases over a period of two days.

Of the 242 deaths announced Wednesday, 177 were identified during a review of the data.

Wednesday’s update brings the total number of confirmed COVID cases in Michigan to 1,224,273, including 23,104 deaths. These numbers have risen from 1,209,712 cases and 22,862 deaths since Monday.

The number of tests has increased to an average of about 40,000 diagnostic tests per day, with a 7-day positive rate of 17.07% from Wednesday — an increase of more than 2% from last week. The number of hospital admissions has been steadily increasing for several weeks.


The state’s 7-day moving average for daily cases was 7,353 on Wednesday, the highest since April. the 7-day mortality average was 63 on Wednesday. The state’s death rate is 1.9%. The state also reports “active cases,” which stood at 153,100 on Wednesday.

Michigan has more than 10.4 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered from Tuesday, with 70.2% of 16+ residents received at least one dose while 61.3% of 16+ residents are considered fully vaccinated.

More than 46.9 million cases have been reported in the US, with more than 762,500 deaths from the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 7.4 billion doses of vaccine have been administered worldwide, with more than 435 million in the US alone.


More than 252 million people worldwide have been infected and more than 5 million have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. The actual numbers are certainly much higher, due to limited testing, different ways nations count the dead, and deliberate underreporting by some governments.

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Trends in Michigan County COVID Cases and Deaths

DISPLAY: Tracking coronavirus cases, outbreaks in Michigan schools

7 takeaways from the Metro Detroit COVID update from expert: ‘I consider this our 4th rise’

AN Beaumont’s health expert provided a worrying update on: COVID and hospital trends in Metro Detroit, calls it the “fourth wave” and shares three reasons why he believes the number is rising again.

Nick Gilpin, an infectious disease physician and the medical director of infection prevention for Beaumont Health, held a virtual briefing Thursday (Nov. 11) to discuss what he sees in Metro Detroit.


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Where to find COVID-19 vaccines for children

Parents are looking for where to get their younger children a COVID-19 vaccine after the CDC gives the final green light for adolescent Pfizer doses in children ages 5-11.

Doses should be available now or very soon at your local pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals and clinics. Like COVID-19 vaccines for adults, they are free.

INTERPRETER: What you need to know about vaccines for children aged 5-11?

We keep track of all the information we get about available clinics and doses for children ages 5-11 in the live updates blog here.


Data shows Michigan schools without mask mandates saw 62% more spread of coronavirus

As the number of COVID cases continues to rise in Michigan, new data shows that mask mandates at school appear to be working to slow the spread of the virus.

It is one of the most, if not the most divisive issues within the pandemic – mask mandates, especially in schools. Anger and frustration boiled over inside, outside and at board meetings. But new data supports the use of masks in schools.

View the data here.

Michigan adopts new definition of COVID outbreak in school, raising threshold

Michigan health officials are adopting a new definition of COVID-19 school outbreaks that lifts the threshold from two to three school-related cases.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) gets such a definition from the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists — check it out here. The new definition changes the threshold in at least three cases within a group, from two.


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Flu is expected to circulate more this year due to fewer COVID precautions

While precautions for the coronavirus pandemic last year helped keep the flu away, experts fear we won’t be as lucky this year.

Precautions and restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have also helped prevent the spread of the flu, a respiratory illness caused by flu viruses, during the 2020 flu season. Last year around this time, health experts were concerned that the US would experience a “twindemic” with COVID and the flu, but it didn’t, likely due to a combination of mask-wearing, social distancing, most schools closed and generally reduced travel. .


But this year, many of those precautions and restrictions are no longer in effect, and the flu is expected to circulate more widely.

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Detroit opens schedule for third dose of COVID vaccinations

Detroit has opened scheduling for residents with compromised immune systems to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Residents must have been fully vaccinated and have a compromised immune system for at least six months to make an appointment for a third dose.

Third doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations, which are approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will be offered at the TCF Center’s drive-thru to those with an appointment.

Read more here.


CDC recommends vaccinated people wear masks in schools, in some indoor settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors in parts of the United States where the coronavirus is on the rise.

The CDC on Tuesday, July 27, cited new information about the ability of the delta variant to spread among vaccinated people. The CDC also recommended indoor masks for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to schools, regardless of vaccination status.

The CDC said that in the United States, most new infections are among unvaccinated people. But “breakthrough” infections, which generally cause milder illness, can occur in vaccinated people.

Read more here.

Michigan COVID-19 cases reported daily since Nov. 1:


  • November 1 — 3,105 new cases

  • November 2 — 4,882 new cases

  • November 3 — 4,882 new cases

  • November 4 — 5,047 new cases

  • November 5 — 5,047 new cases

  • November 6 — 2,970 new cases

  • November 7 — 2,971 new cases

  • November 8 — 2,971 new cases

  • November 9 — 3,142 new cases

  • November 10 — 3,141 new cases

  • November 11 — 7,939 new cases

  • November 12 — 7,939 new cases

  • November 13 — 7,011 new cases

  • November 14 — 7,011 new cases

  • November 15 — 7,012 new cases

  • November 16 — 7,281 new cases

  • November 17 — 7,280 new cases

Michigan COVID-19 reported daily deaths since Oct. 13:

  • November 1 — 22 new deaths (29 in the past two days from vital data)

  • November 2 — 68 new deaths

  • November 3 — 69 new deaths (75 in the past two days from vital data)

  • November 4 — 45 new deaths

  • November 5 — 45 new deaths (48 in the past two days from vital data)

  • November 6 — 15 new deaths

  • November 7 – 16 new deaths

  • November 8 – 16 new deaths (21 from last three days from vital data)

  • November 9 — 81 new deaths

  • Nov 10 — 82 new deaths (88 in the past two days from vital data)

  • November 11 — 41 new deaths

  • November 12 — 42 new deaths (43 in the past two days from vital data)

  • November 13 — 31 new deaths

  • November 14 — 32 new deaths (27 deaths identified during a Vital Records review)

  • November 15 — 32 new deaths

  • November 16 — 121 new deaths

  • November 17 — 121 new deaths

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