Hideo Kojima Wanted A Solid Two Week Boss Fight With Metal Gear

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Hideo Kojima’s New Podcast Isn’t For Everyone, so luckily this isn’t the only place we can go for development stories about the games he’s worked on. Like this one about a really annoying idea for Metal Gear Solid 3.

The last episode of Did you know gaming– narrated by none other than Snake’s original voice actor David Hayter – is all about content cut from the series, based on information released in old interviews (great love for the quotes from Hyper) and books. There are things about weapons that were crazy, story elements that never made it, and game sequences that were cut and then turned into cutscenes.

However, the funniest and most interesting part of the video is the boss fight part that was planned for Metal Gear Solid 3made testing and ended so bad the developers started Joking about Kojima. Here’s the story through Kotaku AU:

The story goes that, during production on Metal Gear Solid 3Kojima had fallen in love with the work of novelist Stephen Hunter, whose books The Master Sniper and Point of impact, were about snipers embedded in the mountains, who gradually tried to take each other out. Kojima’s idea was that Snake’s boss fight with The End would be as close to a real sniper fight as humanly possible, and would be played out over two real-time weeks. The player would have to use his environment to stay hidden and still, looking for clues in a huge area to identify where The End was hiding and, once found, would take the perfect shot. Again, this would be over two real weeks.

The crazy thing is that this boss fight has actually reached prototype stage. It was a real part of a playable build at one point. However, when it came time to test the fight, no one playing through it could find any trace of the old man. Countless players searched for The End for hours and found nothing, effectively hindering their progress through the game. The team found the fight so boring that they jeered Kojima and convinced him to give up on the idea altogether.

I want to believe that this is the total experience of working with Kojima, compressed into a single anecdote. You can watch the full video below; maybe you already know something about this, or maybe, like me, you knew almost nothing about it and it’s 42 minutes worth of really interesting stuff!

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