High demand for Covid-19 boosters in the run-up to the holidays | Medicine – Community News

High demand for Covid-19 boosters in the run-up to the holidays | Medicine

GALENA, Illinois (KWWL)- Demand for Covid-19 boosters is high in Galena.

According to pharmacists Khris Moser and Sarah Vandermillen, the Galena Hartig Drug Pharmacy was fully booked until Christmas. This was why the two decided to give up time to operate two Saturday Covid-19 booster clinics.

Moser says the first clinic on December 11 was busy as expected.

“It’s been very busy, yes, so basically almost all of our appointments have been fulfilled today,” she said. “We had a few more openings and we had a few people just coming in that we could accommodate as well. But it’s been very busy.”

Iowa has a higher booster shot coverage ratio than most of the surrounding states, with the exception of Minnesota. The CDC recommends everyone age 18 and older get 6 months after the second dose of Covid-19 booster shots. Ages 16 and up for Pfizer boosters.

Dr. Vandermillen says the boosters boost people’s immunity.

“I always think of your immunity as a muscle,” she said. “So this is a reminder of your immune system. We’re helping you build that muscle. That’s what you want to fight against. This is what you need protection against.”

The Galena Hartig Drug Pharmacy will host the Covid-19 booster clinic the following Saturday on December 18. Appointments are required, these can be found via this link.

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