House committee continues plan to block COVID-19 vaccine mandates – Community News

House committee continues plan to block COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Lawmakers on Tuesday approved a proposal to block COVID-19 vaccine mandates by prohibiting entities — including nonprofits, private and public schools and government agencies — from demanding the COVID-19 vaccine.

State laws like this have limited power in combating federal vaccine requirements. But Republican State Representative Rick Ladd, who sponsored the proposal in the form of an amendment to a pending bill, said the state should nevertheless fight federal mandates — including a recent demand by the Biden administration that major employees ensure their employees are vaccinated or have them tested regularly.

“This unnecessary mandate is a direct attack on state powers, imposes new burdens on employers when they can least afford it, and makes everyday life much more difficult for unvaccinated people and their families,” Ladd said.

The amendment passed Tuesday allows anyone to object to the vaccine for medical reasons, religious beliefs or “any reason of personal conscience.”

Prior to the House Education Committee vote, House Speaker Rep. Sherman Packard Republican Home Education Committee Representative James Allard. Allard had reservations about the change.

It will go for the entire New Hampshire House early next year.