Hoverboard Go-Kart Build is a joy to watch

Hoverboards have been an indispensable material for hackers building their own vehicles in recent years. [Mahmut Demir] shows how he built a hoverboard-powered go-kart for his son. Unable to hack into the board’s firmware, he instead started using the hoverboard again without disassembling it and integrating it into the go-kart’s frame. This build is completely mechanical, distinguished by its simplicity – and the accompanying six minute video shows it all.

The frame of this go-kart is wood and quite well built, with the personal touch you would expect from a father-son gift. Building the vehicle’s nose out of a garbage can gave us a laugh and earned bonus points for sobriety, and the smiley-shaped wheel is a nice touch. As for the ‘hoverboard reuse’ part, the board is rotated backwards and forwards just like it normally would. Instead of feet, the kart uses a lever that is powered with two pedals via a pulley-cord arrangement, allowing for granular speed control and the ability to reverse. It’s a smart system, we don’t really know if we could have done it better. You can see [Mahmut]’s son wanders in the background as [Mahmut] goes through the assembly steps – undoubtedly with pleasure his own part in the construction process.

[Mahmut] tells us he’s also added an external power switch as a safety feature, and we appreciate that. We’ve seen hoverboards in go-karts before, but also rovers, e-bikes, robotic vehicles and even mobility platforms. Really, the hoverboard is a unicorn of transport helpers for hackers.

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