How to use COVID-19 data in constant development
How to use COVID-19 data in constant development

How to use COVID-19 data in constant development

Expect a windy day that will sweep through our region so it feels colder than the expected temperatures of the 60s.

Today, we take a look at the overwhelming and ever-changing amount of COVID-19 data, with an emphasis on how to interpret it all correctly.

Also in the festive aftermath of the Camden hat Corrines Place, which won a prestigious James Beard Awardwe offer a guide to some of the best Black-owned restaurants in the region.

Happy Friday. 🙌🏽

– Kerith Gabriel (@sprtswtr, [email protected])

As the data on COVID-19 tracking charts continues to rise and fall, we ask ourselves, “What does it all mean?”

Although the number of cases and hospitalizations are still key indicators of both the status and urgency of the pandemic, these measurements do not necessarily paint an accurate picture of the spread of society, even with advanced testing.

Home tests have become far more accessible – but the results of these tests are not included in reported case numbers. In an effort to obtain better data on possible societal transmission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tested COVID-19 levels in wastewater, but even these figures come with some degree of caution.

Our data reports Kasturi Pananjady take a look at data that really informs about the extent of the virus, the severity of ever-evolving variants, and even when all this can end.

The news of Corrine’s location is being announced as one Winner of the James Beard Award this week made us think of all the phenomenal Black-owned restaurants that adorn Philly and the region.

🏖️ Are you looking for some authentic Caribbean cuisine? Check out Kingston 11, the delicious Jamaican place that Abbygale Bloomfield and her team have dreamed of in Southwest Philly.

🍗 How about some of the best BBQs out there? Try the sweet and fresh sauce from owner Rick Gray at Rick’s BBQ in Mizpah, NJ

🍳 Where do you go to get your brunch? Consider the fried fish and buttery grits at Breakfast Boutique, thanks to the empire built by restaurateurs Desiree and Robert Pollard.

🍕 How about pizza with a purpose? The pizza on Down North near the Strawberry Mansion is phenomenal, but is second to none in the fact that this restaurant gives back and offers jobs to previously imprisoned people.

Our Craig LaBan and Jillian Wilson joined forces to offer even more black-owned options next time we are feels a bit naughty.

We offer the Philly coach, who is considered a role model for many young athletes, easily described as “bigger than life.” Today’s question: Do you know who? Guess and find the answer here.

one. Dawn Staley

b John Chaney

c. Bruiser Flint

🤩 Excited: Philly’s own DJ Diamond Kuts will host MTV’s reboot Yo! MTV Raps.

🤮 Reading: You’ve heard of “opportunity zones”, but wait until you discover what a “sacrifice zone” is.

🏀 Ser: The latest from the NBA All-Star Weekend, thanks to our journalists Gina Mizell and Keith Pompey, today at 4.30pm.

That’s all I have for you today. Ashley Hoffman has you covered for our Sunday morning newsletter and I will be back to get your week started on Monday. 👋🏽

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