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How Will You Know If Your Smart Phone’s Camera Or Mic Is Being Used ?

How Will You Know If Your Smart Phone’s Camera Or Mic Is Being Used?

Recently, the Americans claim that their voice data have been routinely collected by their smart phone’s camera or mic. And that they are using the voice data for marketing purposes.

Apple iPhone 9

Apple iPhone 9

A similar incident occurred with an American. She said that she would like to go hiking in Patagonia. And from the very next day, ads on hiking adventures in Patagonia started to pop on her phone. But, she claims that she never searched for these trips or anything like it. This means that the smart speaker with its virtual assistant is always listening to us.

Not only the smartphones, but all the smart devices that are around us keeps track of our data. Like the smart TV, collects all the valuable data on our use.

Now with the latest and improvised version of the technology, we can see detailed reports in Safari that show what kind of trackers and data requests we have encountered online. From now onwards, we will also be able to check what certain data apps use that too before downloading the app.


iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Series

How Will You Know If Your iPhone’s Microphone Is On Or Recently Used?

If iPhone’s mic is on or was recently used, a small orange dot appears in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

How Will You Know If Your iPhone’s Camera Is Being Used?

If the iPhone’s camera is being used or was recently recording, a green dot will appear.

And, when both mic and camera is on in an iPhone, a green camera dot appears.

What To Do When The Green Dot Appears?

If the green dot appears, and you can’t figure out which app is using your mic or camera, merely close and exit from all the apps. Then check app permissions.

After exiting from all the apps, follow the two steps mentioned below:

Open Settings. Scroll down and tap Privacy.
Tap either Microphone or Camera. Look through the apps listed and toggle the switch for any apps you don’t need the camera or mic to the off position.
How To Adjust Applications Permission In Android?
Open the Settings app. Then, scroll down and tap Personal.
Tap Privacy and Safety, followed by App Permissions.
Tap Microphone or Camera and locate the app you want to turn the mic or camera off for. Toggle the slider to the off position.


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