‘I Am an Olympian:’ writes the American-born skater Zhu Yi on Instagram
‘I Am an Olympian:’ writes the American-born skater Zhu Yi on Instagram

‘I Am an Olympian:’ writes the American-born skater Zhu Yi on Instagram

  • In her first Instagram post since she competed at the Olympics, Zhu Yi said she has come out as a “stronger person”.
  • The US-born figure skater met a host of cruel comments after falling while competing for China.
  • The post triggered a new wave of setbacks from some Chinese social media users.

“I’m an Olympian, no one can take that from me.”

It was written by American-born figure skater Zhu Yi her Instagram account Wednesday – her first on the platform since she became attacked online through the Winter Games to fall while competing for China.

“It’s all about the journey. I endured through many years of adversity and came out as a stronger person,” she wrote. “Last night my last skate was on Olympic ice and I took every moment of it.”

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In the women’s short program event on Tuesday – her last event – Zhu finished in 27th place and did not advance to the next round.

While dozens of people responded positively to the 19-year-old’s Instagram post, some social media users were quick to note scornfully that Zhu included an extra line in his Chinese translation of the same post.

In Chinese, Zhu added the phrase, “Those who understand will understand.”

One line was enough to trigger a wave of backlash on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo, where several hashtags such as “Zhu Yi Ins” and “Zhu Yi updated ins” were viewed more than 400,000 times each. In China, Instagram is referred to as “ins”.

“What does’ those who understand will mean ‘at all?'” A The Weibo user said while urging her to leave China. “Is it about being the last in a team event? Are you uncomfortable because we did not scold you?”

Another user said: “It is true that no one can take away Zhu’s Olympic experience, but who is the one who stole the experience that should have belonged to another girl?”

Throughout the Games, there have been allegations that Zhu received China’s only female singles seat because her father is an influential scientist. according to the South China Morning Post. Zhu’s father, Zhu Songchun, specializes in artificial intelligence, according to CNN.

The skater has since disabled comments on his Instagram account – a move that some users called “cowardly”.

Other angry Chinese social media users also pointed out how Zhu’s Instagram post was vastly different from a Weibo post she published a few hours earlier.

At Weiboshe had thanked her supporters for their love.

“I want to thank my coach, my teammates, my family, my friends and the audience for giving me so much warmth and encouragement,” she wrote in Chinese. “Everyone’s encouragement has given me the courage to allow myself to compete today with more determination and calm.”

Zhu has been exposed to harsh vitriol throughout the games, even after content platforms, including Weibo, actively banned accounts and censored trolls.

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