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I received $1800 in incentive checks after I misfiled my taxes…I’m going to keep the money

A REDDIT user claimed they received $1,800 in stimulus checks that they were not entitled to after they misfiled their tax returns.

The unnamed taxpayer, 20, said they made a mistake filing their W-2 form in February 2020 – a month before the first round of stimulus checks was introduced.

A taxpayer claimed they received $1,800 in stimulus checks after making a mistake on their W-2 form


A taxpayer claimed they received $1,800 in stimulus checks after making a mistake on their W-2 formCredit: Getty

Employers are required to submit the W-2 form, known as the payroll and tax return, no later than January 31. Employees have about two months to complete the document before filing their tax returns.

The Reddit user said, “When I was filing taxes, I accidentally clicked that I wasn’t a dependent.”

They claimed they had received a total of $1800 in incentive payments in December.

The user added: “I suppose the government just saw my first tax return and put me on the list for stimulus checks.

“I was afraid they would ask for the $1200 back, but I just received the second $600 today. So they haven’t seen the error yet.”

The taxpayer considered reporting the error, but thought it would “cause more problems than it solves”.

In the thread they said “My gut feeling is just to take the money and if they somehow realize the mistake and tell me to give it back then so be it.”

The first round of stimulus checks, worth $1200, was introduced in March 2020 under former President Donald Trump. In December, a check for $600 was sent to the Americans.

Reddit users are known for sharing stimulus control stories on the discussion forum.

One person claimed they had received stimulus payments twice and believed the IRS had made a mistake.

They said, “I was registered as a dependent, but switched to independent this tax season.

Read our stimulus checks live blog for the latest updates on Covid-19 aid…

“This made me eligible for the old incentive checks and of course for the recent ones.

“My father got an incentive for the whole family except 2 independent siblings in his bank account. I just looked and saw that there is $1400 in my own bank account.

“I have a feeling this could be a switch fault. What should I do?

Some were left confused while others told the confused user to keep the money.

Americans should return their stimulus check if they received it in error, CNET reports.

The IRS has the power to review tax returns and correct any errors.

The corrections have resulted in the IRS sending letters telling people they owe money, CNBC reported.

So far, three rounds of federal stimulus checks have been introduced.


A fourth payment does not appear to be in the offing, but calls for more cash are growing for fear of the Omicron Covid variant.

Americans in some states and cities can get a cash boost in the run up to Christmas.

Visa debit cards, worth $300, will ship to 20,000 homes in the most impoverished districts of Santa Ana, California, starting Dec. 4.

A total of $6 million in payments will be sent to poor neighborhoods as part of the Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program.

The cards can be used in shops nationwide that accept Visa, but residents are encouraged to buy locally.

Mayor Vicente Sarmiento said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on the residents of Santa Ana, especially those who live in poverty-stricken neighborhoods with overcrowded living conditions.

“The Resident Stimulus Program will help families recover from the economic effects of the pandemic while also returning money to our local economy.”

And more than 500,000 Americans in Maine will receive a $285 incentive check.

The state’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services began issuing these checks on Nov. 15 and will continue to send them through the end of the year.

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