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I-Team: Woman dismembered dead husband, lived on his Social Security benefits for years, prosecutors say

Nancy Shedleski, 69, of Las Vegas, charged with theft of government money

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A woman accused of Social Security fraud told investigators she dismembered her late husband and threw his remains in the trash, prosecutors wrote in federal court documents released by the I-Team were obtained.

Nancy Shedleski, 69, of Las Vegas is charged with theft of government money, data shows.

According to court documents, Shedleski deposited her late husband’s retirement benefits, which continued more than four years after his death, into her account.

The total amount is estimated at more than $120,000, court documents say. Prosecutors said the Social Security Administration was never notified of her husband’s death in 2015 and continued to deposit the payments.

The administration became aware of the deposits in December 2019 after receiving an anonymous allegation that Shedleski’s husband had disappeared, documents say.

Investigators looked at Shedleski’s husband’s medical records and found that he stopped receiving care at a Pennsylvania hospital in 2015. In 2017, Shedleski’s address changed from a house in western Pennsylvania to an apartment complex in Las Vegas. Her address was not in the documents.

In mid-2019, employees of the Las Vegas Social Security Office attempted to contact Shedleski’s husband, but received no response. Shedleski later sent repeated messages stating that she and her husband lived together in Las Vegas.

In late 2019, investigators visited Shedleski’s apartment. Her husband was not there and she is said to have told investigators that he was traveling across the country. Later in the interview, she told investigators that her husband had died in August 2015 in the basement of their previous Pennsylvania home.

She also told investigators that she dismembered his body, packed the pieces and threw them in the trash, court documents said.

“She called and reported to her relatives that… [her husband] died,” the investigators wrote in court documents. “Shedleski confirmed there was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial and no cremation for… [her husband].”

Had she reported her husband’s death, Shedleski would have been entitled to a monthly survivor benefit, officials said.

A federal judge in Las Vegas released Shedleski on bail Monday. An email to her lawyer was not returned.

The I-Team contacted the Pennsylvania Police Department for more information and did not hear back Monday. The US Attorney’s Office will not confirm or deny ongoing investigations.

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