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If the government shuts down, could that affect social security checks in December?

When the government closes, any government service that is not essential will stop.

This wouldn’t be the first government shutdown, and it has happened when Congress misses the deadline for approving annual spending bills.

President Joe Biden signed something called an emergency financing bill in October to prevent a government shutdown after it passed by both the House and Senate.

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What happens to Social Security and SSI when the government shuts down?

Americans will be safe from losing their payments if the government closes.

Anyone who collects Social Security or SSI can expect their payments as normal.

Social Security is considered a mandatory spending program. It does not use annual expense accounts to function.

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Unless policymakers change the way a mandatory program works, it will stay the same and continue to function normally.

What could happen if the government shuts down is a pause in Social Security card issuing.

About 60,000 Americans a day apply for new Social Security cards.

This can be a problem because many people need a Social Security card to work, open bank accounts or take out a loan.

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