If you live in this state, there may be a $ 300 check on the way
If you live in this state, there may be a $ 300 check on the way

If you live in this state, there may be a $ 300 check on the way

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Are you in line for a big payday?

Key points

  • Some states with excess money in their budgets share the wealth with the citizens.
  • A state offers up to $ 300 payments at a time when the cost of living is sky high.

These days, many consumers are struggling to make ends meet. This is because the cost of living is sky high, and everything from gas for groceries cost far more than it did a year ago.

Making things worse, many people exhausted theirs savings earlier during the pandemic, when the job loss was violent. If you are in that boat, you may be struggling to get food on the table or cover other basic costs, such as consumption bills.

The bad news is that there are no plans for the federal government to issue a fourth stimulus check. The final round of payments hits the Americans bank accounts was approved in March 2021, but there has been no comparable relief since then.

The good news, however, is that some states are taking stimulus issues into their own hands. In fact, a number of states have a surplus in their budgets, and instead of keeping that money, they choose instead to share it with individual residents.

Delaware is one of them. And if you are a Delaware resident, there may already be a $ 300 rebate check on your way by mail.

A much needed lifeline

Delaware is sitting on a surplus of funds – worth $ 1 billion, to be exact. And therefore, state legislators have decided to distribute this money to the residents individually to help them cover the rising cost of living.

The state is in the process of issuing $ 300 payments to residents. And to be clear, it’s $ 300 per person, so married couples will receive $ 600.

Those who have filed a tax return for 2020 are expected to receive a discount check by mail on May 31st. Meanwhile, those who have not filed a tax return for 2020 are still eligible for a payday of $ 300, but it may take longer to get these people their money (just as it took longer to issue federal stimulus checks to them). , who has not registered a recent tax return).

There are an estimated 150,000 residents of the state who were not required to pay taxes by 2020 (and therefore did not file a return), but who are still eligible for a payday of $ 300. The State Treasury Department intends to identify these recipients through government databases, including the Department of Motor Vehicles. A website will also be set up so that eligible beneficiaries can apply for a rebate check (in the same way that it was possible to register as a non-tax registrar for a federal stimulus check).

How to check the status of your discount

Residents of Delaware will also be able to visit de.gov/rabat to check the status of their money. But waiting until June 1 to do so makes the most sense, as the state is still in the process of sending these checks out.

It is also worth noting that the discount is only available to living residents of Delaware. A person who has filed a tax return for 2020 but has since passed away will not have a check issued, and if one goes out by accident, family members are expected to return it.

Given the way cost of living is rising right now, Delaware’s discount check could not come at a better time. In fact, gas prices tend to rise even more during the summer months, so residents who receive a $ 300 prepayment day in advance may find it easier to cover at least one significant expense.

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