Intrivo donates over $ 1M in COVID-19 tests as well as computers and software to war-torn Ukrainian hospitals in distress
Intrivo donates over $ 1M in COVID-19 tests as well as computers and software to war-torn Ukrainian hospitals in distress

Intrivo donates over $ 1M in COVID-19 tests as well as computers and software to war-torn Ukrainian hospitals in distress

Co-CEO visit Ukraine and announces a broader call for action for additional medical supplies that can help the Ukrainian people in this challenging time

MIAMI, May 25, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Intrivoa leading US-based healthcare technology company, today announced a recent donation of more than 1 million USD worth of their popular On / Go ™ COVID-19 testsalong with associated software and hardware to manage the health of the population for hospitals across the board Ukraine which has been deeply affected by the recent war. With the conflict heading into its fourth month, and the rise in COVID-19 cases in many places around the world, including Europethe best rated On / Go COVID-19 fast tests help Ukraine keep its healthcare system functional in a time of strife and enormous needs.

With the high risk of increasing COVID-19 infections in Ukraine due to the country’s low vaccination rate and the prevalence of close conditions in areas where millions of refugees are fleeing to and from, public health; impact of the invasion is becoming more and more apparent and critical. “They came from the East and from the Central Ukraine also. When Kiev were under siege, they all came here. Kharkiv hospital was bombed, “said Dr. Orest TrilDeputy Director General and Chief Physician of the Lviv Oncological Regional Medical and Diagnostic Center.

Intrivo co-CEO Ron Gutman personally accompanied the On / Go tests, computers and software for Ukraine last week on a mission coordinated with leading NGOs and Intrivos local Ukrainian engineers. “By talking to Ukrainian doctors, health professionals and leaders on the ground, I learned that their hospitals are experiencing a capacity crunch due to wounded and affected civilians, as well as many refugees fleeing the war, and therefore they can more than ever afford to lose a single employee to COVID-19 infections, “Gutman said. “Visiting the neonatal ward at the pediatric hospital in Lviv, seeing the premature babies and talking to the doctors and nurses who gave birth to them was both eye-opening and heartbreaking. When they told me that the spread of premature births was a result of stress provoked by a combination of war and the pandemic and expressed a need to ensure that both their staff and their patients are protected, it struck me how imperative it was to keep them all as safe and healthy as possible in these unprecedented, stressful times. And even more so, to predict and prevent a new COVID-19 increase in the absence of publicly available resources to deal with it effectively. ” Dr. Andrii Syniuta, director of the Western Ukrainian Specialized Pediatric Center, further explained that “These [premature] children need more support with medicine, facilities and equipment ”.

Hospitals in Ukraine who have already received the On / Go for Good help in the past week including:

  • Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health Ukraine
  • Western Ukrainian Specialized Pediatric Center
  • Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center
  • Lviv Oncological Regional Medical and Diagnostic Center
  • Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases

Following the success of the company’s initial contribution, officials from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health have opened talks with Gutman on partnership to facilitate expanded efforts in the country, especially in the hard-hit eastern region.

“With the Ukrainian people at the forefront of protecting freedom, one of our most beloved values, and with several of our own software developers residing in Ukraine “In these challenging times, we recognized an enormous humanitarian need and immediately provided assistance with our technology and tests, while seeking to further understand first-hand where we could best support with more health-related needs,” Gutman reflected.

After Gutman’s return from Ukraine Last week, On / Go for Good gathered the needs and requests gathered on the spot, devised a plan and now invites technology and healthcare companies of all sizes, as well as generous people everywhere, to join a new initiative to meet the list of health needs and help Ukrainians affected by war to heal, stay strong and stay safe in these challenging but hopeful times.

About On / Go for Good

On / Go for Good is Intrivo’s charitable arm, created to engage in philanthropy and support humanitarian causes by helping people around the world live healthier, happier and more secure lives.

About On / Go

On / Go, one of the first FDA-EUA-authorized rapid COVID-19 self-tests, delivers reliable, accurate results in just 10 minutes using a best-in-class mobile app. The test is backed by a data-driven population health platform which enables hospitals and other organizations to understand trends based on test results, spot infection clusters in real time and respond accordingly.

About Intrivo Diagnostics

Intrivo is a leading healthcare technology company leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and user-centric design to help control COVID-19 as it prepares the world to tackle the next health challenges and helps everyone live happier, healthier and safer lives.

Intrivo’s On / Go set combines testing and technology to offer a reliable, comprehensive solution for both consumers and businesses, so they can be at the forefront of COVID-19. On / Go products can be ordered directly at letsongo.comor via our iOS and Android apps.

Over the past year, Intrivo has served clients including federal and state governments, major employers, healthcare systems, leading retailers, entertainment venues and cruise lines, as well as families and individuals everywhere. Intrivo has delivered tens of thousands of FDA-authorized COVID-19 tests worldwide, gained multiple FDA and other authorizations across a variety of markets, all while leveraging its superior patent-pending technology to help public health executives and millions of users with to achieve true peace of mind. While the company is currently focused on the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is actively expanding its solutions to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for both consumers and businesses. To learn more about Intrivo and its world-class technology-driven solutions, please visit

About Intrivos partner, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the leading global Jewish humanitarian organization, is also the recipient of On / Go COVID-19 tests for use with internally displaced persons, which they take care of in refugee centers in Ukraine. JDC has been operating in the country and across the former Soviet Union, for more than 30 years, helped tens of thousands of poor seniors and families through a network of social services and community centers. Since the crisis began, the JDC has provided support to thousands of internally displaced Ukrainians from housing to medical care, noting the importance of remaining vigilant in the face of the ongoing pandemic, as it threatens the already fragile health of Ukrainian seniors and the poor, who often have medical conditions. which makes them more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection.

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