Is your state one of 16 sending stimulus money this fall?

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Millions of eligible Americans get more incentive money.

Most important points:

  • Currently, the number of states that sent stimulus funds this fall has grown to 16.
  • All but Massachusetts has settled for a certain amount of stimulus.
  • Some payments have been going out for weeks, others will end up in bank accounts and mailboxes this fall.

For a while, it seemed that only a few states intended to share budget surpluses with state residents. But as of this week, the number has grown to 16. Incentives come in a variety of ways, including tax cuts, subsidies and instant cash payments.

Hopefully your state made the list.

1. California

Eligible Californians can expect a down payment of up to $1,050 in their bank account between late October 2022 and mid-January 2023.

2. Colorado

Between the end of September 2022 and the end of January 2023, eligible Centennial State residents can expect a $750 (or $1,500 for joint filers) tax credit.

3. Delaware

Before the end of the summer, one-time grants of $300 will be sent to eligible Delawareans.

4. Florida

Floridians on state aid programs must pay a one-time payment of $450. The same amount goes to foster parents and carers.

5. Georgia

Georgia calls their incentive a “cost of living reimbursement.” A payment of $250 goes to eligible singles, $375 to householders and $500 to married couples filing their taxes jointly.

6. Hawaii

Hawaiians can expect another stimulus check later this month. Depending on how much they earn, their tax filing status, and the number of exemptions claimed, islanders owe up to $300.

7. Idaho

Eligible Idahoans are also due to a tax credit. Based on their 2020 state taxes in Idaho, recipients can expect to receive $75 or 12% of their state taxes.

8. Illinois

Tax rebates are on their way to Land of Lincoln residents in September. Eligible single filers receive $50, married couples filing jointly receive $100, and dependent families receive up to $300 ($100 per dependent, with a limit of three).

9. Indiana

Initially, eligible Indians were promised a one-time refund of $125, and most residents who provided their bank details have already received that check. However, due to a paper snafu, an estimated 1.7 million taxpayers are still waiting for their paper checks.

Now state legislators have approved another round of rebates — this one at $200 per taxpayer. That’s on top of the $125 rebates from earlier. Taxpayers who received the first $125 can expect another $200 payment. Those who have not received payment at all will receive the full $375.

A payment date has not yet been set.

10. Maine

Maine residents are in luck, with qualified single submitters receiving an $850 check and couples filing $1,700 collectively.

11. Massachusetts

Lawmakers are still working on the exact amount of stimulus, but government leader Charlie Baker believes a 7% cut in 2021 state taxes sounds reasonable.

12. New Jersey

The state legislature, called the “Middle-Class Tax Rebate,” sends eligible checks from New Jerseyans up to $500.

13. New Mexico

Also due checks up to $500 are eligible taxpayers in New Mexico. Their incentive payments will come as a tax credit.

14. Oregon

In July, checks for $600 began going out to eligible Oregon residents.

15. South Carolina

$800 tax credits are due to eligible South Carolinas.

16. Virginia

Finally, eligible Virginians will receive up to $500 in tax credits this fall.

There is no reason to believe that these are the only 16 that share budget windfalls with residents. It is possible that people living in other states will also get more money to spend, save or invest.

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