Johnson County, Iowa City disagrees on how to fund more aid checks

Johnson County and Iowa City appear to be at an impasse over funding the 319 residents who were eligible for $1,400 direct incentive payments, but the money was refused.

While the Board of Trustees and the City Council seem to agree that they need to find a way to pay the 319 people, they can’t agree on the details of how to do it.

Last week, a majority of Iowa city councilors agreed they would be willing to pay Johnson County enough to fund 50% of the remaining applicants. On Wednesday, a majority of Johnson County Supervisors said they would prefer Iowa City to fully fund the 319 people, which would cost $446,600 in addition to the $660,000 it had already paid.

“I cannot support an additional $222,000 allocation to this program, mainly because I am unwilling to select and defund previously approved ARPA projects to generate an additional $222,000. And I do not think it is appropriate to to discuss that we have that amount from the general fund,” said regulator Pat Heiden.

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