Keeps a close eye on China’s support for Russia: USA | World news
Keeps a close eye on China’s support for Russia: USA |  World news

Keeps a close eye on China’s support for Russia: USA | World news

Although the United States has not seen China supply weapons and supplies to Russia so far, it will continue to keep a “careful eye, very careful watch” at the level of support that China is showing to Russia and believes this is the time for Beijing to live up to its stated desire to be a responsible stakeholder in the international system, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Monday.

In a statement to journalists at a press briefing, Price said China would make its own decisions on how to support Russia’s brutality against the people of Ukraine.

“The PRC (People’s Republic of China) will make its own decisions on whether all that it has pretended to stand for in the international system in recent decades, including an emphasis on state sovereignty and the viability of borders, or whether it was all just a show, just a blunder, “he said.

He said the United States had not seen China condemn Russia’s brutality, but instead heard senior Chinese officials “parrot some of the worst, some of the most dangerous propaganda that is and has left the Kremlin.”

Price said the United States and its European allies and partners had made two remarks to China regarding Beijing’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The first was that they would continue to keep a “careful eye, a careful eye on the level of support”, China showed towards Russia. To reiterate a point made by President Joe Biden to Chinese President Xi Jinping during their talks last month, Price said that if China were to supply weapons and supplies and try to help Russia avoid sanctions, there would be “strong consequences. for that “, not only on the part of the United States, but also on the part of its allies and partners.

Secondly, the United States had told China that this moment called on all responsible countries to make it clear where they stand on issues that are fundamental, “on which there should be no nuances”, including issues of “desired human rights violations, massacre of civilians, the ability of a state to pretend that international borders do not exist, and the ability of leaders to declare, as President (Vladimir) Putin apparently has, that another country has no right to exist ”.

“We have heard from China its desire over many decades to be a responsible stakeholder. Well, now is the time to answer that question. And now is the time to emerge,” Price said.

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