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Keke Palmer Gives A Befitting Reply To Her Those Who Slammed Her For A Tweet On EBT Cards

Keke Palmer
Source: Vanity Fair

Keke Palmer has drawn another controversy with her latest tweet. And has been facing severe criticism.

Keke Palmer Tweets About EBT Cards

Electronic Benefits Transfer(EBT) or food stamps are basically cards which reduces the cost of food brought by the cardholder. It is assisted by the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program and can be used in stores authorized by this particular programme.

Keke Palmer
Source: Getty Images

Thus is a beneficial scheme especially for those people who have very low income. Recently Keke Palmer tweeted something really controversial about food stamps.

We know that the US is finally getting a new government with Joe Biden’s win. Thus Palmer tagged Vice-President Kamala Harris in her tweet which said that EBT cards should swipe all the healthy food items for free!

In a word, she was trying to say that people who hold this card should get only healthy and nutritional items for free. But Palmer’s tweet did not go really well for many people. Thus she started receiving hate comments. Many social media users commented that she is no one to order the SNAP on what to do.

Also, some people mentioned that people who are deprived of basic amenities seek for food only to fill their stomach. Therefore eating healthy food is far beyond their reach. They just want something to survive on.

Her Befitting Reply

Well, Palmer has always been vocal about things and even this time she did not let go of her trollers easily. She said that people are misinterpreting her tweets just to spread hate.

She added that she did not want to demean the needy people. And the reason she askes VP Kamala Harris to make EBT cards swipe free for healthy food is that they are too expensive.

Keke Palmer
Source: Getty Images

And for that reason, not all the sections of people can afford it. So if healthy and diet foods will be made free then all sections of people will get the benefit. Palmer said that all she wanted was equality. Because she wants everyone to consume healthy food.

She also added that foods with high nutritional benefits are unnecessary expenses and becomes unaffordable. Therefore she thinks that it should be balanced. Apart from that Palmer also said that she did not ask the VP to take away the EBT benefits from the needy people.

Thus she asked people on no to pass judgements without understanding the exact meaning of her tweet. Apart from that she also shared her testimony on how the high rates of healthy food products are affecting her. She said that as a citizen of the nation she has the right to be vocal for her rights.

Because she thinks that many companies are just looting people by charging way too much for healthy food items.

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