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Kendall Jenner Raises Up The Heat As She Sizzles In A Sheer Gown During Her Latest Photoshoot

Kendall Jenner
Source: Instagram

Kendall Jenner is one of the highest paid supermodels in the world. And it is justified because she undoubtedly looks the best in everything. Just check out her latest photoshoot and you will know!

Kendall Jenner Sizzles In Sheer Gown

The supermodel is the face of many world class fashion brands. And she absolutely adds to the brand value by promoting the fashion and beauty products of the particular brands she is signed for.

Kendall Jenner
Source: Instagram

Recently she soared the temperature by donning Givenchy’s new collection in her latest photoshoot. And it was so amazing that we could take our eyes from Kendall.

So she opted to wear a sheer gown from Givenchy and shot a couple of amazing pictures in the attire. And we must say that she rocked the photoshoot.

Her Photoshoot

Well Kendall chose to do the photoshoot from the comfort of her home. And it completely slayed it! She took to Instagram to post some of the pictures from her in house photoshoot in the sheer gown and it completely blew our minds.

As mentioned earlier Kendall was looking superbly gorgeous in the Givenchy’s sheer gown. The transparent gown had sparkling beads embedded it. And this added more to the beauty of the gown.

Kendall Jenner
Source: Instagram

Beneath her gown she opted to wear a black sports bra which was completely visible. And she also donned long lacy hand gloves and blue boots.

As she posed for the pictures she took the help of simple props like her handbag, stool etc. She gave multiple amazing poses during her photoshoot. In one of the pictures we saw Kendell posing sensuously as she sat on the high stool.

Apart from that there were a picture where Kendall was half seated on the floor. Needless to say all her pictures were equally amazing. As for her makeup, she opted for a completely nude makeup. Her cheeks were well contoured and she donned a nude lipstick shade.

She left her beautiful hairs open and accessorized her look with a huge silver necklace. And we must say that Kendall rocked this in house photoshoot.


Kendall is drawing controversy since a few days after she fought with her sister Kylie Jenner in a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kendall Jenner
Source : etonline.com

In that episode we saw that Kendall slapped and kicked Kylie. And many people are calling her a very rude and violent person. Her ignorant behavior with her sisters is not going well with many people. And social media is flooded with posts criticizing Kendall for being mean.

Her mother’s boyfriend Gamble also said that Kendall has always been rude to everyone. And this remark of his has drawn more controversy. Although Kendall has not given an public statement on this.

But one thing is for sure that she is being a center of a lot of hate comments after her fight with Kylie.

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