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Kentucky sees escalation in Covid-19 cases

KENTUCKY (WFIE) – Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear gave an update on the coronavirus on Monday.

gov. Beshear started the briefing by saying that the cases are the highest in the past two months.

Regarding the new Omicron variant, Beshear says they are still waiting for answers to three questions. Those questions are whether it is more transmissible, how sick it makes you and how well do the vaccines work against the new variant.

He says that while there is a new variant, Delta is the most contagious and deadliest variant we’ve seen yet.

Beshear also says that Kentucky is not the only place where the number of Covid cases has risen significantly.

“We are in a nationwide escalation driven by the Delta variant, which has already done so much damage to us,” Beshear said.

In the past three days, 198 new Covid deaths have been reported in Kentucky, Beshear says. Among those deaths was a person only 23 years old.

“It’s everyone now that this virus is after,” Beshear says.

Beshear says the number of Covid-19 cases is the highest they have seen in nine weeks.

New Covid cases in Ky.  weekly
New Covid cases in Ky. weekly(Beshear government)

Hospital admissions due to Covid-19 are also increasing in Kentucky.

Beshear says 1,077 Kentuckians have been hospitalized with Covid, 310 are currently in ICU and 168 are on a ventilator.

Patients in hospitals in Ky.  with Covid-19
Patients in hospitals in Ky. with Covid-19(Beshear government)

Beshear says that with people celebrating the holidays, he wants people to gather safely. He gave the following tips on how:

1. Get vaccinated

2. Get your booster shot

3. Don’t attend a meeting if you feel sick

4. Wear masks if indoors and not vaccinated and/or not stimulated

5. Keep Attendance Low

gov. Beshear says there are now new guidelines for International Air Travel.

All travelers two years of age or older returning to the US must do the following:

– Show evidence of a negative Covid-19 viral test performed within one day of departure

– Must be tested 3-5 days after return

– Should self-isolate and get tested if they develop symptoms

In addition to those guidelines, Beshear says all unvaccinated travelers must also be quarantined for 7 days.

Beshear says that while the number of cases is increasing and people may be scared, there is good news. He says the good news is that more Kentuckians have received their Covid-19 vaccination.

A total of 2,703,247 Kentuckians have been vaccinated.

Kentucky residents can visit vaccine sites.

Here are the all-time totals of confirmed positive cases and deaths in our area of ​​Kentucky.

  • daviess co. – 18,230 cases, 285 deaths, 55.46% vaccinated
  • Muhlenberg Co. – 5,909 cases, 96 deaths
  • Hopkins Co. – 8,810 cases, 216 deaths
  • ohio co. – 4,785 cases, 88 deaths, 41.63% vaccinated
  • Henderson Co. – 8,260 cases, 126 deaths, 52.48% vaccinated
  • webster co. – 2,561 cases, 42 deaths, 48.40% vaccinated
  • McLean Co. – 1,592 cases, 42 deaths, 51.12% vaccinated
  • union co. – 2,564 cases, 40 deaths, 42.89% vaccinated
  • Hancock Co. – 1,465 cases, 19 deaths, 61.21% vaccinated

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