Kettering Health celebrates new statistics: Zero COVID-19 patients
Kettering Health celebrates new statistics: Zero COVID-19 patients

Kettering Health celebrates new statistics: Zero COVID-19 patients

“We could not be more grateful to the doctors, nurses, radiologists, respiratory therapists, environmental staff and everyone in between for the work – and heart – they have put into taking care of these patients in such a difficult time,” officials said.

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Sharlet Briggs, president of the Kettering Health Main Campus, said the streak of no COVID-19 cases in the hospital is a time to celebrate the achievement.

“I think it speaks for the welfare of society, and we’re happy about that,” Briggs said.

She said that after looking back over the past 25 months and seeing patients in ventilators, broken supply chain networks, staff shortages and dealing with deaths every day, it gives a sense of hope that one has no COVID-19 cases on the hospital.

Briggs said it also allows doctors, nurses and other staff to “take a deep breath again but be prepared for the next wave.”

While there is a new variant of coronavirus that has emerged on the east coast, Briggs said Ohio is usually about three weeks behind.

“I’m not surprised we haven’t seen it yet, but we’ll keep watching and see how we do,” she said. “We will take the time to celebrate and enjoy the silence before the next storm. We are grateful to our doctors, nurses, colleagues and everyone in the community who touched us because it takes everyone.”

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On Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health cited the first small increase in COVID cases nationwide after months of recent decline. ODH’s COVID-19 website reported the following statistics:

  • Total reported cases: 2,681,437; three-week reported case average: 3,913.
  • Total reported admissions: 114,443; three weeks reported hospitalization average: 290.
  • Total reported ICU admissions: 13,426; three-week reported ICU admission average: 20.
  • Total number of reported deaths: 38,266; three weeks reported death average: 158.

The next update from the state Department of Health will be Thursday, April 21st.

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