Kiely Rodni’s Search in Lake Tahoe Region Leads to Sex Offender Arrest

The extensive search for missing California teenager Kiely Rodni led to the arrest of a sex offender on unrelated charges, authorities said.

The arrest was made Thursday as police executed a series of sex offenders in the Lake Tahoe area as part of their investigation into the missing person case that has attracted national attention.

Sex offenders’ compliance checks “have resulted in several sex registrants violating their terms,” ​​the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.

One of the perpetrators has been arrested and criminal charges against another perpetrator are pending, officials say.

Kiely Rodnic
Kiely Rodni has been missing since August 6, 2022.
Kiely Rodnic
Rodni went missing after a camping party in the Tahoe National Forest.

Rodni, 16, was last seen at a camping party with several hundred other young revelers in the Tahoe National Forest on Aug. 6.

She had been drinking and was probably too drunk to find out to drive home, 18-year-old partygoer Sami Smith told Fox News Digital.

Detectives interviewed less than half of the partygoers, said Angela Musallam, spokeswoman for Placer County Sheriff.

Many of the partygoers have kept their mouth shut for fear they would be charged with “illegal activity,” authorities said.

“Although our detectives interviewed more than 100 partygoers, they would like to see a little more cooperation,” Musallam told the outlet.

None of the potential witnesses interviewed by police saw the young high school graduate leave the party, officials said.

Rodni’s phone last pinged around 12:30 a.m. in a clearing in the woods near the site of the massive open-air shindig in Truckee, and her 2013 Honda CRV remained missing, police said.

2013 Honda CRV
Kiely Rodni’s 2013 Honda CRV.

Officials announced Monday they would be reversing the “astronomical” search for the teen after researchers logged some 9,000 hours combing the region by land, air and lake.

“We are moving towards a more limited but continuous search and rescue,” explains Capt. Sam Brown, the Nevada County Sheriff.

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