Killeen ISD teacher, new mother dies after battle with COVID-19
Killeen ISD teacher, new mother dies after battle with COVID-19

Killeen ISD teacher, new mother dies after battle with COVID-19

A community mourns the loss of a new mother and Killeen ISD teacher.

Killeen ISD announced that the beloved fifth grade teacher Alexandra Chandler died Sunday, February 13th. The “dedicated teacher, friend and mentor” had given birth to his son, Beau, just over a month ago on Sunday, January 9th. after being diagnosed with COVID-19 when he went into labor, according to a GoFundMe page.

“The students, faculty, and families of the Montague Village Elementary mourn the loss of Mrs. Alexandra Chandler, a beloved fifth-grade teacher,” Killeen ISD said in the announcement of her death. “Mrs. Chandler died on Sunday and will be greatly missed.”

That GoFundMe was set up in support of Alexandra’s family to help with “food, bills, future medical expenses and any other financial difficulties they may encounter,” while battling COVID-19 in the intensive care unit.

“After giving birth to his little boy, Alex spent a few nights in the hospital and was then sent home on the 12th,” the fundraising page said. “It was here that her illness took a turn for the worse and developed rapidly as she began to experience shortness of breath on Thursday the 13th.”

Chandler was diagnosed with both COVID and pneumonia and later required additional medical support when both of her lungs collapsed, GoFundMe said.

“Alex was diagnosed with COVID-19 when she went into labor despite being fully vaccinated,” the GoFundMe site said. “In fact, she remained vigilant throughout her pregnancy so as not to become infected with the virus.”

Killeen ISD said it offers guidance and counseling to students and staff while the community mourns Chandler’s losses.

“We are sending our heartfelt condolences and prayers to her family during this difficult time,” Killeen told ISD. “Funeral arrangements await.”

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