Know the new COVID-19 restrictions
Know the new COVID-19 restrictions

Know the new COVID-19 restrictions

Hi, Philly explorer. We are back with a special edition of our Newsletter Things to Do. This one is not so focused on things to do, but is instead an update of the city’s COVID-19 guidelines. Things have changed a lot in the last week – and we’re here to fill in what you need to know before you go out this week.

For a review of Philadelphia’s new COVID-19 restrictions, see here.

We have gathered ours best Philly tips gathered in one place here. Stay healthy, be safe and get vaccinated.

Jillian Wilson

From last week, Philadelphia Department of Public Health completed its vaccine mandateand changed how it responds to COVID-19 cases by introducing one new system for setting restrictions. Under the new rules, indoor dining in Philadelphia is no longer required to ask you for your wax card. Remember that restaurants may choose to require proof of vaccination for guests and staff – and some are.

Despite the change, some Philadelphia restaurants still require proof of vaccination. We have a list. And it’s also a good idea to call ahead to check (better yet, save a picture of your vaccine card on your phone so you always have it on hand).

Here are Philly bars and restaurants still there require proof of vaccination.

Yes. In Philadelphia, masks are still required in indoor establishments such as grocery stores, restaurants and sports arenas. Masks are also required in schools.

Thanks for reading! We return on Thursday with more things to do this month. But in the meantime, here’s something to know:

Why are all these COVID-19 regulations being amended now? Well, it new case rate in Philadelphia has fallen 56% in the last two weeks. The Philadelphia Health Department looks at average new cases per year. day, number of hospital admissions, percentage of tests reported as positive and the rate of change of new cases to determine the city’s response level.

If any of these measurements go up, restrictions may come back. And as they (hopefully!) Fall, more restrictions will be removed.

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