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Letter to the editor: Take COVID-19 off the front page of the Press Herald

Re: “There was no hope, then she woke up” (November 23, page A1):

Hospital for virus outbreak

A registered nurse holds the hand of a COVID-19 patient in the medical intensive care unit at St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center in Boise, Idaho, in August. Kyle Green/Associated Press, File

Another front page story about someone surviving COVID-19! Of course, this person wasn’t vaccinated, so the article is really about shedding an unnecessary light on how unvaccinated citizens steal the show (literally, in the case of live theater on Portland Stage) by putting up with something that came easy to them. can escape.

This person of a certain age wouldn’t have made the headlines recently if he hadn’t been vaccinated against smallpox and polio as a child; they would have already been dead or maimed. If they ever stepped on a rusty nail, like most of us, they got a tetanus shot and didn’t succumb. I suggest it is time to stop promoting the unvaccinated minority and return the world to the vaccinated majority.

So I have a suggestion for the media: stop glorifying the unvaccinated! Get away from sensationalism and get COVID-19 off the front page. The virus is here to stay and will eventually be reduced to a nuisance that is factored into the annual flu shot. Enough already – it’s time to move on and get our lives back. And Governor Mills agrees.

Barbara Dee
South Portland

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