Letter to the editor: we need Wolf’s stimulus checks

Pennsylvania Citizens: I am writing to ask that you write or call your Senator and State Representative regarding the $2,000 Incentive Checks that Governor Tom Wolf intends to issue to all Pennsylvania residents.

Wolf wants to give every Pennsylvania resident who makes $80,000 or less a check for $2,000. I wrote to the governor asking where these checks were. I got a response saying he wants this to happen, but it won’t happen unless our state legislators approve. So far they haven’t.

This money, Wolf assures, is extra money that, if not used by 2024, will go back into the state pot to be distributed as your lawmakers want. For their own sake.

I know there are many people who are in financial trouble. Food, gasoline, housing, utilities – everything goes up.

If you support the governor and reach out to your lawmakers, I think we have a chance of getting this passed. This will be the third or fourth time the governor has presented this to the legislature for approval, and he has just done so again.

I think this is very important for Pennsylvania residents and their families that the governor is trying to help.

Dianna J. Rumbaugh


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