Liz Cheney state primaries result: Defeated lawmaker condemns Trump’s ‘lies’ as ex-president beams at her loss

Liz Cheney admits in her first race

Congressman Liz Cheney lost Tuesday to Republican nominee and main challenger Harriet Hagemen, in new signs of Donald Trump’s enduring rule over the Republican Party, as primaries were held in Alaska and Wyoming, two of the country’s reddest states.

Ms. Hageman led the Republican field with at least 62.4 percent of the total vote, and Ms. Cheney followed with 33.5 percent of the vote. In total, 58 percent of the expected votes had been counted, according to Edison Research.

When her congressional career came to an unexpected halt, Ms. Cheney vowed she would do anything to prevent Trump from reaching the White House again.

Ms. Cheney, a staunch critic from within the Republican camp, has condemned the former president’s administration by playing a very public role of anti-Trump resistance and sent the Congressional inquiry into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

She faced an attempt by Mr Trump to punish her for infidelity in the form of Harriet Hageman, her former staffer and current top rival.


Fetterman opens shocking lead in new PA Senate poll

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman dominates the U.S. Senate race by nearly 20 points, according to a new survey published Tuesday by Public Opinion Strategies, which has an A rating from pollster aggregator. thirty-five-eight.

If Mr. Fetterman’s support level is nearly as high as it was in the poll, he’ll be on his way to a clean win in November in what analysts have believed for months would be an easy year for Republicans like his opponent, Dr. Mehmet from TV. oz.


Donald Trump Jr digs up Liz Cheney: ‘You don’t have to pretend…’

Donald Trump Jr took a swipe at Congressman Liz Cheney after she lost the Republican primary on Tuesday, saying the anti-Trump GOP leader doesn’t have to pretend to be from Wyoming, the state from which she contested the main race.

He shared a 35-second video of his dad Donald Trump grooving and dancing, writing: “Bye bye @Liz_Cheney. On the bright side, at least you don’t have to pretend you’re from Wyoming anymore.”

The former president’s son did not share a tweet congratulating the candidate backed by Mr Trump, Harriet Hageman, instead posting multiple tweets mocking Ms Cheney.

In another tweet, he criticized the congresswoman’s mention of the 16th US president, Abraham Lincoln, saying, “Liz Cheney really compared herself to Lincoln…LMFAO. That nagging from CNN and MSDNC really got to her head.’


Fetterman raises half a million from Dr Oz .’s blunder

John Fetterman’s US Senate campaign in Pennsylvania says it has raised more than half a million dollars in the wake of a video posted by his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, in which the Republican candidate tries the art of grocery shopping.

The bizarre video posted this week by Dr. Oz was widely mocked on Twitter when the stunned Dr Oz misread the price labels and portrayed himself as a stranger to Wegman’s product section.


Five Times Liz Cheney Was Donald Trump’s Biggest Thorn on Capitol Hill

Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming attended the primaries Tuesday, where her betrayal of Donald Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack ultimately cost her a seat in the House; just a few years ago she was a powerful member of the Republican leadership of the chamber.

Ms. Cheney has embraced the role of the stoic resistance leader more than any other member of the House or Senate who broke with Mr. Trump after the 2020 election or January 6, and has never missed an opportunity to point to his role in the gruesome attack.

Here’s a look at key moments in Liz Cheney’s career as the de facto leader of the anti-Trump GOP:


Liz Cheney: What’s next for the anti-Trump Republican?

Speculation about what’s next for the never-Trump Republican is already mounting after the primary loss of Representative Liz Cheney on Tuesday night.

Rep Cheney was defeated by Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, who, according to the latest polls by the United States, Casper Star Tribuneled the three-term congressman from Wyoming by more than 20 points.

From a widely speculated launch for presidential run in 2024 to sounding alarms over Trumpism, there are several possible next steps for the 56-year-old congresswoman.

Here we can see Mrs Cheney land, reports Johanna Chisholm:


Cheney Invokes Abraham Lincoln in Fiery Concession Speech

In a speech delivered Tuesday at a picturesque private farm in Wyoming as her congressional career stalled, Liz Cheney called on one of the country’s most famous presidents to hold the United States together in times of civil war.

And she vowed she would do whatever it takes to prevent Donald Trump from reaching the White House again.

“Abraham Lincoln was defeated in the Senate and House elections before he finally won,” she told her hopeful supporters.

Read more from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:


Trump denounces Cheney as ‘hateful and hypocritical’ as he beams at her primary defeat

Former President Donald Trump wasted no time in rejoicing at Liz Cheney’s defeat Tuesday night.

“Congratulations Harriet Hageman on her amazing and very decisive WIN in Wyoming. This is a wonderful result for America and a full rebuke from the Unselect Committee of Political Hacks and Thugs. Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself, the way she acted, and her hateful, hypocritical words and actions toward others. Now she can finally disappear into the depths of political oblivion where I am sure she will be much happier than she is now. Thank you WYOMING!” he wrote on Truth Social.

Read more from John Bowden in The Independent:


Trump Enemy Liz Cheney Loses Wyoming Primary To Republican Backed By Former President

Liz Cheney was defeated in the Republican primary for Wyoming’s major congressional seat.

Just under 90 minutes after the polls closed, the incumbent congresswoman trailed her Trump-backed rival Harriet Hageman by more than 30 points.

Read more from The Independent’s Eric Garcia:


Liz Cheney hints at future ambitions in comments before the polls close

Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney spoke to reporters as voters headed to the polls to consider her bid for re-election on Tuesday and hinted that today’s primary election was just “the beginning of a battle” for the soul of the GOP.

“I don’t regret it,” she said, according to CBS News. “I am very proud of all the work I have done with people from Wyoming over the past six years and I truly understand and recognize that nothing is more important than defending our Constitution. And so I will continue to work and make sure we do that in an impartial way.”

Read more from Eric Garcia Bee The Independent:


Polling stations close in Wyoming

Wyoming polling stations are now closed. Republican voters in the state will determine the fate of Rep. Liz Cheney, vice chair of the House selection committee investigating Jan. 6.

View live results of the state of The Associated Press hereby The New York Times:

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