Local gym says they had to be creative to survive COVID-19
Local gym says they had to be creative to survive COVID-19

Local gym says they had to be creative to survive COVID-19

PEORIA (WEEK) – Guardian Fitness opened its doors in Peoria over ten years ago. Like many other companies, they had to close their doors in early 2020 due to COVID-19.

“We contacted virtually all of our clients and asked them if they would be interested in online courses,” said personal trainer and holistic health coach at Guardian Fitness Latarius Starks.

The classes were live and consistent throughout the day to fit busy schedules. If there was a break, gym owner Steven Starks would send some inspiration.

“I just wanted to go online and say, hey! It’s your Daddy G Fitness with guardian. I’m here, no matter if you’re online, and it does not matter if you’re at home or at work. Step one step back and let’s reduce some stress and we’re training right here where you are. ”

Steven said creativity and collaboration helped the Guardian Fitness crew keep their customers going and keep going.

“Letting them know we are there for them and in this pandemic situation we need each other,” Steven said.

Steven began bringing unused weights to customers’ doorsteps and offering other forms of support – including mental health.

“It was important for us to make sure all our G-Fit customers had everything they needed. Even though it was a babysitter, even if it was food, we wanted to make sure that kind of thing was taken care of. , so our customers could get a little rest knowing that we cared more than just physical fitness. ”

Kris Coulter has been training with Guardian Fitness for five years. She said the pandemic was difficult to adjust to, but she was grateful to continue training.

“I think it’s a lot of innovation to recreate the environment and do things the safe way and keep people engaged and companies that have adapted to the changes I think have come through stronger than ever,” Coulter said.

This year, Guardian Fitness opened a new facility and plans to continue using creative ways to thrive in the rest of the pandemic.

For more information on Guardian Fitness, click on this link.

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