Lofgren says Trump’s Saturday meeting ‘proves’ Biden’s case over MAGA Republicans

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) on Sunday called former President Trump’s meeting the day before “bizarre,” and said he was right about President Biden’s warnings about “MAGA Republicans.”

Trump traveled to Wilkes-Barre, Penn on Saturday. in support of the Republican candidates in the state’s upcoming gubernatorial and senate elections. During his speech, the former president criticized the FBI as “cruel monsters” after they ransacked his Florida home and called Biden an “enemy of the state” for condemning Trump’s move during a recent primetime speech.

“Well, it’s bizarre,” Lofgren said when asked about the final comment during an appearance on “CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta.”

“President Biden warned Americans about extremism in his Philadelphia speech, and the ex-president is proving his case,” she continued. “To list law enforcement officers as vicious enemies, I understand that he identified an FBI agent by name on his social media, probably exposing that law enforcement officer to threats that we’ve seen.”

Biden’s primetime speech on Thursday depicted Trump and his “MAGA” movement as a threat to democracy.

Republicans called the speech divisive and condescending, but White House officials have pushed back, arguing that defending democracy is not a partisan issue.

“If we want to be precise about it, as a threat to democracy and as an enemy of the state, you are all enemies of the state,” Trump said. “[Biden’s] an enemy of the state, you know that? The enemy of the state is he and the group that controls him.”

Trump has also repeatedly attacked the FBI after it issued a search warrant at his Florida home, accusing the agency of continuing the investigation for political reasons.

Lofgren also pushed back on those who said Biden smeared the entire Republican party with his comments.

“The Republican voters I know here in my district didn’t steal classified documents and put them in a small room next to their pool,” Lofgren told Acosta. “That’s what the ex-president did.”

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