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Louisiana Parish School Employees Receive COVID-19 Payment

WEST MONROE, La. (AP) — All full-time employees of the school system of a Louisiana parish will receive COVID-19 shelter benefits, the superintendent said.

Ouachita Parish Schools employees are expected to receive a one-time payment of $1,500 by March 24, The News-Star reports.

Chief Inspector Don Coker said during Tuesday’s school board meeting that the disbursement of federal money — which will come from the third round of the primary and secondary school emergency fund — will total about $5 million.

The school district received approximately $72 million from the fund, but the employees had not previously received any COVID-19 relief compensation. Every employee gets the same amount regardless of their job title or certification status.

“You can see our bus drivers and see the stress that they have and the stress that our teachers have had and our administrators and all the way from administrative staff to paraprofessionals to detention to cafeteria,” Coker said. “They have worked hard and we are so grateful for that.”

The inspector said more than 100 people across the school system gave their input on the decision to use the relief funds for this purpose. They considered using the district’s general fund, but Coker said workers would receive the payments more quickly if they came out of federal money.