Made-in-China Harley-Davidson 338R Details Released in USA
Made-in-China Harley-Davidson 338R Details Released in USA

Made-in-China Harley-Davidson 338R Details Released in USA

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Reproductions of the Harley-Davidson 338R first appeared in 2019

Harley Davidson may have closed production of its made-in-India Street series of motorcycles, but the iconic American motorcycle brand seeks to introduce a newer and smaller model, but this time made in China. Reports of the model first appeared in 2019 by Harley-Davidson and the Chinese motorcycle giant Qianjiang, also the owner of the Benelli brand, who teamed up to create the most affordable Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and will also be made specifically for new markets in Asia like other parts of the world.

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Patent photos revealed that the Harley-Davidson 338R has a flat seat in one piece and with a fuel tank shaped like a traditional Harley.

According to the latest reports, the new US-Chinese production Harley-Davidson model will be named 338R and may soon be introduced. According to a US-based website,, the 338R may come closer to launch, thanks to the vehicle identification number (VIN) decoder information Qianjiang submitted to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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At the front, the HD 338R has a single round headlight and a staggered single-pod instrument console

It is suggested that disclosure of the VIN decoder information with NHTSA is proof enough that the Harley-Davidson 338R is approaching production, although there is still nothing to say about how far advanced the product development process is right now. In 2020, spy photos of a 338R prototype emerged from China, and we have reason to believe that Harley-Davidson is still positive about the concept of the “baby Harley” made in China, designed to be affordable and accessible model to accommodate a new range of customers.

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Harley-Davidson 338R patent image. The 338R production model is expected to be the most affordable and accessible Harley-Davidson model, aimed at luring a new set of customers into the brand.

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 and Street Rod models were manufactured in India and were the brand’s entry models and best-selling Harley-Davidson bikes in India for several years. But Harley-Davidson’s decision to suspend operations in India by 2020, including sales and manufacturing activities, effectively put a lid on the manufacture of the Street series of bicycles in India. However, Harley-Davidson did not completely leave the Indian market and resumed retailing with a new business model with Hero MotoCorpIndia’s largest two-wheeled manufacturer.

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Ravi Avalur, Head, Harley-Davidson Business Unit, Hero MotoCorp was part of the group of 5 riders who were to reach the Key La Pass.

Under this partnership, Harley-Davidson has launched its new models in India, including the brand’s first adventure bike, the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, as well as the Harley-Davidson Sportster S, both based on the new Revolution Max 1250 platform. The partnership with Hero MotoCorp has also revived the Harley-Davidson brand, with the new strategy and marketing team performing two notable achievements in India, taking the Pan America 1250 to the highest height any Harley motorcycle has ever been at, and reaching Key Let pass in the Himalayas at an altitude of 18,600 feet (5,669 meters) above sea level. With the Sportster S, the brand achieved a record in covering 3,141 km na 24-hour endurance test in February 2022, performed on the test track of the Hero MotoCorps Center for Innovation and Technology R & D center in Jaipur.

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The 24-hour endurance test was marked by Ravi Avalur, Head, Harley-Davidson Business Unit at Hero MotoCorp. One of the five riders in the endurance test was Malo Le Masson, Head of Global Strategy, Hero MotoCorp.

The partnership between Harley and Hero is a distribution agreement where Hero MotoCorp will sell and service Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and also sell parts, accessories and merchandise in India. At the time of the 2020 announcement, the new business model with Hero MotoCorp also mentioned a new licensing agreement under which Hero MotoCorp will develop and sell a range of premium motorcycles under the Harley-Davidson brand.


There has been no further news on how the licensing agreement will develop, but the partnership with Hero MotoCorp may be the beginning of a new and exciting round for the US brand as well. In fact, it could be Harley-Davidson’s new strategy to get different partners in different countries to develop different models, and to use their global network to achieve what the brand has been trying for years – a whole new set of customers. The HD 338R could very well be the beginning of that strategy, and possibly we may end up hearing something similar with the US brand’s partnership with Hero MotoCorp also in the near future. After all, India, the world’s largest motorcycle market, is still ripe for more growth in the coming years.

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