Manistee County has had an average of 3 new COVID-19 cases a day since Friday
Manistee County has had an average of 3 new COVID-19 cases a day since Friday

Manistee County has had an average of 3 new COVID-19 cases a day since Friday

MANISTEE COUNTY – As of Wednesday’s update provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Manistee County has had 2,744 cases of COVID-19 and 68 deaths.

That’s an increase of 16 new cases and two new deaths since the state’s last update on Friday. That is an average of 3.2 new cases per day per five days. MDHHS did not update its COVID-19 numbers on Monday due to the President’s Day holiday.

On 28 November 2020, the county registered 17 new cases in a single day and the same number again on 12 April 2021. On 16 November 2021, the county broke this record with 18 registered cases according to MDHHS information. On January 11, 2022, Manistee County recorded 24 new cases in one day – the highest number to date.

According to District Health Department # 10’s most recently published monthly summary report for Manistee County, less than half of the county’s cases were symptomatic during their illness.

Of the reported symptoms, cough was the most frequently reported with 48.1%, followed by headache with 44.4% in January. The county registered 451 cases and 12 deaths in January.

DHD # 10 announced on February 10 that it is moving away from daily COVID-19 case reporting and moving to a weekly COVID-19 report beginning on February 14th.

Here are some quick facts from the latest MDHHS report:

• There have been just over 2.05 million cases and 31,695 deaths across the country during the pandemic.

This is an increase of 5,931 cases and 312 deaths, an average of 1,186 cases per day for five days. Of the reported deaths, 250 were identified during a vital medical record review.

• Grand Traverse County reported 13,252 cases and 188 deaths. That’s an increase of 65 new cases and two new deaths.

• Wexford County reported 5,249 cases and 92 deaths. That’s an increase of 27 new cases and a new death.

• Benzie County has seen 2,391 cases and 56 deaths. That’s an increase of seven new cases without new deaths.

• Lake County has seen 1,521 cases and 32 deaths. That’s an increase of eight new cases and a new death.

• Mason County has seen 6,017 cases and 84 deaths. That’s an increase of 36 new cases and a new death.

Manistee County is considered part of Region 7 for state tracking. Region 7 includes Manistee and 17 other counties.

The region has 949 hospital beds, with 815 residents in hospital beds and 124 in the intensive care unit from Wednesday.

The region also has 66 adults who have had suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the hospital, six in respirator and 18 adult intensive care patients who have been confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19.

Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital has two COVID-19 patients according to the latest data available from MDHHS.

Manistee County has 62.1% of its population completely vaccinated against COVID-19, according to state data from Feb. 23, the latest available data. This is 14,599 out of 23,506 eligible residents according to 2019 Census estimates for people 5 years and older.

So far, 348 Manistee County residents ages 5-11 have started their COVID-19 vaccine, or 23.1%; this age group has a total population of 1,509. In the 12-15 group, 454 children started the vaccine with 422 completing or 42.5% receiving a starting dose and 39.6% completing their vaccinations. There are 1,067 children in this age group.

In Benzie County, about 66.5% of residents are fully vaccinated.

District Health Department # 10 allows parents and guardians to schedule an appointment to vaccinate their children ages 5 and up from COVID-7 p.m.

DHD # 10 offers off-site vaccine clinics. Participants do not need an appointment. All clinics will have Pfizer for people 5 years and older, and most will have Moderna and Johnson & Johnson for people 18 years and older.

The health department is also planning third-dose COVID-19 vaccine for anyone 12 years of age or older; you can book an appointment at

The United States has the highest number in the world. India has the second highest number of cases and Brazil has the second highest number of deaths.

According to Center for Disease Control and Preventionthere have been about 78.3 million cases in the United States and 932,894 deaths.

That World Health Organization lists over 426.5 million confirmed cases and 5.89 million deaths worldwide. Around 10.4 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide.

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