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Mariah Carey’s sister gets her Social Security back

Alison Carey may not want much for Christmas, but she just got an early Thanksgiving gift — her Social Security benefits restored.

The older sister of singer Mariah Carey told the Times Union on Thursday that she was thrilled to hear that the SSA has corrected her mistake and will pay her hundreds of dollars that she had mistakenly reduced because she mistakenly believed she was still in was a medical facility. .

With the help of a friend, advocate David Baker, the 60-year-old sibling of the Grammy Award-winning performer said she hoped to now possibly spend Thanksgiving with her 20-year-old daughter.

“It makes me very happy,” Carey said in a telephone interview.

Born in Huntington, Long Island, Carey lives in Greene County, where her mailing address was Athens. In 2015, she was the victim of a home invasion on Long Island – an intruder with a baseball bat hit her on the head. Carey suffered a brain injury and struggles with short-term memory loss. She has struggled over the years, including being homeless.

Carey, who received $794 each month in Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, received a letter on July 20 informing her that her benefits were being reduced to $30 a month due to overpayment. The SSA told Carey that it had mistakenly paid her $3,176 from April through July when she was in a “medical facility” and that she should have been paid only $30 a month. The SSA cut Carey’s benefits as a way for her to repay the agency.

However, Baker said Carey was mostly in the facility in April. Then she rented the apartment in Greene County. Carey wrote three times to the SSA’s Hudson office. She explained that her time in the facility totaled nine weeks, spread over four months.

Carey previously told the Times Union that she had “no idea” why the SSA thought she was in the hospital for four months. In October, she contacted the office of U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, where an employee persuaded the SSA to contact Carey, who provided proof that she was in an apartment and not a medical facility. Carey asked the SSA for a month’s allowance while her residency status was investigated. No payment was received.

On Thursday – after the Times Union report about the situation a day earlier – good news came. Baker emailed the paper a copy of a letter the SSA had sent to Carey. The agency told Carey it would increase her monthly payments from $30 to $794 starting in December. She will receive a $684 arrears.

The agency noted that due to an unrelated prior overpayment, Carey still owed the SSA $4,247 and that it would withhold $2,371 from payments between August and November to recover those overpayments. Carey is not challenging that.

Carey and her famous sister have been estranged for years. In February, Alison Carey filed a $1.25 million lawsuit against Mariah Carey in the Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that Mariah Carey defamed her in her 2020 autobiography, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” The singer claimed her older sister drugged her at age 12, once gave her third-degree burns and tried to recruit her as a sex worker for a pimp.

The SSA did not return an email for comment. A spokesperson for Mariah Carey was not immediately available.