Mark Kelly’s votes did not provide illegal benefits to immigrants in the country
Mark Kelly’s votes did not provide illegal benefits to immigrants in the country

Mark Kelly’s votes did not provide illegal benefits to immigrants in the country

Late. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz. is back on the ballot this year after winning a by-election in December 2020. An ad from a National Republican group challenges his re-election and attacks his right to vote for benefits to immigrants illegally in the country.

National Republican Senatorial Committee ad begins with the narrator saying that Kelly “votes the party line in Washington and says the opposite when he’s home in Arizona.” The ad goes on to make a number of allegations, including that Kelly voted “for benefits to illegals.”

We asked the NRSC for evidence and it pointed us to two polls related to the stimulus check provided during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We found that the NRSC allegation is not accurate, as none of Kelly’s votes on the issue allowed immigrants who were in the country illegally to be eligible for the stimulus check.

NRSC’s ad “Against Arizona”

Who was eligible for financial impact payments?

During the pandemic, Congress has approved three rounds of stimulus checks. Each of these has had a little different eligibility criteria. Immigrants in the country illegally have largely not been justified for any of the payments.

According to the IRS, in order to be eligible for any of these checks, people must have filed their taxes using a Social Security number, which immigrants illegally in the country in general has not.

That IRS problems Individual taxpayer identification numbers to people who are not eligible to have a CPR number so they can pay income tax. This may include immigrants in the country legally or illegally.

What is Kelly’s voting record on the issue?

In February 2021, Senator Todd Young, R-Ind., Introduced a change “to establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund,” which he said would “ensure that any new round of economic consequences does not go to them in this country illegally.”

Kelly voted in favor of the amendment, separating himself from most Democrats who voted against it.

A deficit-neutral reserve fund is often used by lawmakers to “express support for a case, and there is often no follow-up law,” Steven S. Smith, a professor of political science at Washington University, told PolitiFact via email. “They are insignificant in the great mast of affairs.”

One day after this vote, Kelly voted to beat the text of three provisions from the proposed federal budget, including the deficit-neutral reserve fund, which he had previously supported, the NRSC said.

However, Kelly’s voice did not change the qualifications for the stimulus check.

Because the vote was a reference to a deficit-neutral reserve fund, its inclusion in the federal budget would have had no effect on the eligibility qualifications provided for stimulus control under the U.S. Rescue Plan, which already did not include immigrants ashore illegally.

the second vote quoted by the NRSC was on an amendment to the U.S. rescue plan presented by Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas. The amendment was intended to “ensure that the 2021 recovery rebates are not given to illegal immigrants.”

Kelly voted ‘No’ to that amendment and the amendment was rejected.

NRSC spokesman TW Arrighi issued one announcement on Kelly’s vote, saying: “Senator Kelly voted with Republicans a few weeks ago against a provision to allow stimulus checks for illegal immigrants. to illegal immigrants. “

The change, however, was largely symbolic, as the U.S. rescue plan, as proposed by the Democrats, already prevented immigrants in the country from being illegally entitled to the checks. The U.S. rescue plan, like previous legislation, required people to have CPR numbers to get a check.

It is also worth noting that immigrants are illegal in the country in general not justified for most federal benefits, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Our verdict

A video ad from the NRSC claimed that Kelly was voting “for benefits to illegals”, citing two polls related to stimulus checks that were sent out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, immigrants in the country have illegally for the most part not been eligible for any of the three versions of stimulus checks sent out during the pandemic, as a social security number is required to be eligible.

Neither of the two votes cited by the NRSC amended these eligibility claims.

The statement is not correct. We consider it false.

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