Mass imprisonment of Uighurs by the Chinese government’s “sinister form of colonialism by settlers”: Expert
Mass imprisonment of Uighurs by the Chinese government’s “sinister form of colonialism by settlers”: Expert

Mass imprisonment of Uighurs by the Chinese government’s “sinister form of colonialism by settlers”: Expert

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18 February 2022 05:02 IST

Washington [US]February 18 (ANI): Emphasizes that the Chinese government has detained about 1.8 million uigurer since 2017, an anthropologist said that mass imprisonments is a part of China‘s settler colonialism and resource extraction in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).
Nuriman Abdurashid, writing in Radio Free Asia (RFA), said that an anthropologist Darren BylerAssistant Professor of International Studies at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, in his book Terrorist capitalism: The possession and masculinity of the Uighurs in a Chinese city examined how China‘s settler colonization of muslim uigurer in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi.
Terrorist capitalism is a system that justifies repression by branding uigurer a security threat to generate government investment in police and surveillance technologies to monitor and control them, Byler said in an interview with RFA.
Byler’s ethnographic fieldwork in Urumqi shows how the Chinese government’s introduction of Han Chinese values ​​by ethnic majority, along with efforts to increase the number of Han settlers in the area, have perpetuated the Uighur’s eviction and expulsion from the city.
He focused on young Uighur men, the main target of state brutality, and their development of close social ties as a protective measure, Abdurashid said.

Byler’s second book on Xinjiang, In the Camps: China‘s High-Tech Penal Colony, also published in 2021, examines China‘s comprehensive surveillance network in Xinjiang.
Terrorist capitalism is focused on the emergence of an economic form of a kind of security industrial complex, where the state has hired over 1,000 contractors – private companies – to build forms of surveillance that will begin to sort through Uighur and Kazakh behavior and diagnose who who is potentially criminal, Byler said.
Chinese anti-terrorism laws define things as non-terrorist terrorism. It’s things like having WhatsApp on your phone, using a VPN and having relatives living abroad and sending them money.
The first three chapters of Terrorist capitalism focus on processes of devaluation and disposal of enclosures, all of which are the ways in which uigurer been systematically targeted by this system, Byler wrote in RFA.
Two of the last three chapters focus on ways to uigurer survive and how they find where they can live even if these things are done against them, he added.
Speaking of readers’ expectations, Byler said he wants readers to know about what’s going on. uigurer similar to and related to older forms of settler colonialism took place elsewhere such as in North America, where Indians were colonized.
The global war on terror is being used as a tool to put these colonial systems in place. The same thing is happening in the northwest China. That’s what I want readers to take away from this …. The decimation of Uighur society is the most horrible form of settler colonialism it’s in the world right now, Byler said. (ANI)

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