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Matthew McConaughey Says He’s Against COVID-19 Childhood Vaccine Mandates

The award-winning actor says he, his wife and immunocompromised mother have been vaccinated, but his children have not.

AUSTIN, Texas — Matthew McConaughey said in an interview released Tuesday that he opposes COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children.

“I couldn’t force the younger kids to vaccinate. I still want to find out more information,” McConaughey said when asked at The New York Times DealBook summit.

The actor said he, his wife and his immunocompromised 90-year-old mother who lives with them have all been vaccinated but that he has not been given the shot for his children. He added that he was vaccinated of his own choosing and not because someone told him to.

“Do I think there is any kind of scam or conspiracy theory? Hell, no, I don’t. No, I don’t think there is any kind of… We all need to get rid of that story; there is no conspiracy theory about the vaccines ‘ he told host Andrew Ross Sorkin.

When Sorkin immediately asked why he hasn’t vaccinated his kids, McConaughey replied, “We’re going slow with vaccinations, even before COVID. We’ve quarantined harder than any of our friends have and still are two years later,” adding. adding that he is trying to keep the virus from his mother with a “heavy amount of testing”.

The question came when McConaughey and Sorkin were discussing politics and a possible candidacy by the actor, who said he’s still thinking about it without really letting us know if he was leaning in any way.

Sorkin said celebrities talk about candidacy like a tease, with “everyone holding onto every last word they say.”

“When I tease it, I tease myself first because believe me, I spend a lot of time deliberating and really working on my mind, heart and spirit and asking myself the hard, hard, hard questions,” McConaughey said.

The award-winning actor has previously said he was considering a gubernatorial run in the Lone Star State, flirted with the idea since late 2020 and mentioned the possibility of podcasts and interviews without committing.

He also did not specify whether he would take a chance on running as an independent as a Republican, Democrat or as he contemplates a campaign against Governor Greg Abbott, who will be re-elected in 2022.

Since then, an investigation reported that the actor was neck and neck with Abbott, while a more recent poll placed him below Abbott and potential Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke.

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