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Scranton, PA — Republican leader Kevin McCarthy made the following comments when he appeared at a campaign event today alongside Jim Bognet, the Republican nominee in Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District.

Excerpts from McCarthy’s comments, as prepared for delivery:

When the president speaks at Independence Hall tonight, the first lines should be out of his mouth to apologize for defaming tens of millions of Americans as “fascists.”

President Biden wants to talk about the ‘Soul of the Nation’. Tonight, he will say, “democracy is at stake.” And he will declare that only Democrats have the moral upper hand.

What Joe Biden doesn’t understand is that the soul of America is the tens of millions of hardworking people, loving families, and law-abiding citizens he vilified simply because they wanted a stronger, safer, and more prosperous country.

The soul of America is not the ruling class in Washington, it is the law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens.

The soul of America is our determination to work, care for our families, love our children, be involved in their education, and make sure this country and its people always come first.

The soul of America is our children — who deserve to learn in an education system that teaches them the skills to have a better life than we do today.

But for the past 19 months, the Biden administration has been doing everything it can to CRUSH the SOUL of AMERICA.

Republicans have a plan for a new direction that will get our country back on track.

Our plan is our commitment to America.

If Republicans are given the opportunity and the honor of having a majority in the House, we will work day and night, hour after hour for you, the people.

For an economy that is strong.

For a nation that is safe.

For a future built on freedom.

And for a government that is responsible.

We will fight to stop inflation and lower the cost of living.

We will fight to lower the cost of gas.

We will prevent taxpayers’ money from being wasted on failed programs.

We will pass the Parents Bill of Rights so that parents have a say in the education of their children.

We will defend American sovereignty.

We will monitor vigorously, monitor abuses of power and hold all culprits accountable, including to our Justice Department.

We will adopt strict crime laws to make our communities safer.

We BLOCK any bill that REDUCES your standard of living, making you and your family less secure and less free and less prosperous.

And we will do everything in our power to pass legislation that will raise your wages, raise your standard of living, grow the middle class, support our police and law enforcement, tame our bureaucracy and return the citizens of this country to their rightful place.

We will restore America’s soul, America’s values ​​and America’s PROMISE.

Joe Biden’s government has protected HIS FAMILY and his government from liability for his son’s abuse of power and foreign dealings for personal gain. That is an attack on democracy.

Joe Biden and a politicized DOJ launched a raid on the home of his biggest political rival, Donald Trump. That is an attack on democracy.

Joe Biden is right. Democracy is on the agenda in November. And Joe Biden and the radical left in Washington are dismantling American democracy before our very eyes.

The historic spending of Joe Biden and his Democratic Congress has led to the greatest inflationary crisis in GENERATIONS.

Democrats spent your money on wasteful projects, including more than millions on ski resorts and luxury hotels, and even sent $1 billion in incentive checks to violent criminals in prison like the Boston Bomber.

This has only pushed inflation up.

Here’s what that means:

For our seniors, a lifetime of savings is being wiped out. Their 401(k)s are now 201(k)s.

Wages are being destroyed for our mid-career workers.

Young people can’t afford to pay rent, let alone buy. Mortgages are now out of reach. Families can barely make ends meet.

Electricity and energy costs cost the household budget. Citizens are forced to make painful choices every day to pay the bills.

Our pain and suffering at home have been matched by humiliation abroad.

A year ago, our country watched in horror as Biden’s failed withdrawal into Afghanistan claimed the lives of 13 US servicemen and dealt a lasting blow to US prestige that will haunt us for generations to come.

Biden’s decision undoubtedly led to the greatest foreign policy embarrassment in American history.

Genocidal China is getting stronger, bolder and more aggressive by the day.

Iran is closer to a nuclear missile than ever before.

The world is more dangerous, unstable and chaotic. Peace and security have given way to hostility and aggression.

This is Joe Biden’s record. This is the record of Democrat Control in Washington.

At our southern border, not only is our security at stake, our national security is at risk.

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congress have created the worst illegal immigration crisis in all of history.

They eliminated every successful policy introduced during the Trump administration and adopted a policy to release millions of illegal immigrants to the United States.

Our border is now WIDE OPEN.

Last fiscal year, under Biden, there were nearly 1.5 million arrests on our southern border.

FACT: That’s a record.

This year, Biden has already broken last year’s record. Nearly 2 million illegal immigrants were detained.

That includes 66 people on the terrorist list – why are they coming and what have they planned?

But it doesn’t include the more than 500,000 escapes. Or the countless more unknown subterfuges that slip in completely unnoticed when our border agents are taken off the line.

FACT: The number of illegal immigrants who crossed our border under Biden easily exceeds the population of 25 states. Think about what this means for our healthcare system. Our hospital system. Our education system.

And think about what our wide-open border has meant for the lives of younger Americans.

Criminal cartels now have complete control over our southern border. They decide who — and what — enters our country. And that means record amounts of illegal drugs are pouring into our cities and towns.

Democrats often say that America is a racist nation. They are wrong.

We are a just and noble people. We are a republic, committed, however imperfectly, to the truth that all are created equal. We are the greatest country in the history of the world.

An honest look at America today would be real examples of our great character.

We must return to our nation’s timeless truths and values—which should inspire us to defend America first, not blame America first.

Ironically, by choosing to speak at Independence Hall, Biden has chosen a venue that exemplifies our nature’s better angels.

It was at Independence Hall that Thomas Jefferson wrote about the self-evident truths we cherish.

It was at Independence Hall that Washington, Madison, Hamilton and others debated the social contract that We the People value and revere.

Our Founding Fathers sent us a message in Philadelphia 246 years ago.

Their legacy is our democracy.

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