Mesa County Public Health to reduce Covid-19 response
Mesa County Public Health to reduce Covid-19 response

Mesa County Public Health to reduce Covid-19 response

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KKCO) – Over the next month, Mesa County Public Health will scale down its Covid-19 response. This comes in response to the decline in Covid-19 disease rates, cases, hospitalizations and deaths in our community.

Mesa County Public Health closes their community’s Covid-19 test site at the fair on March 26. Those with symptoms can come by the health department to pick up free quick test kits at home, request them via state and federal ship to home programs, or visit a ‘COVIDCheck Colorado’ website for a PCR test.

The second change will be their vaccination site, which has been moved into a clinic environment for a reduced period of time.

Next, their case investigators have been scaled down to a lower number. They will focus more on those who test positive, who are considered high-risk groups or vulnerable groups. Those who are not considered high-risk or vulnerable may not receive a case study.

The latest change will be the frequency with which the Covid-19 data dashboard is updated on the Mesa County Public Health website. Right now it is updated every weekday. But from April 1, it will only be updated once a week.

“What Covid-19 is doing now is a more manageable virus,” said Mesa County public health spokesman Stefany Busch. “It will definitely still be in our community. So when Mesa County Public Health downscales these operations, it does not mean that Covid-19 is gone. But we do not need the response to be at the same level as it was.”

The National Board of Health encourages the public to call or visit their website with questions or for more information. Mesa County Public Health is ready to step up operations if the community sees a new wave or increase in cases to meet demand.

To pick up a test kit from the health department, it’s located at 510 29 ½ Rd.

To find a ‘COVIDCHECK Colorado’ drive through the PCR test site, visit

For vaccination information at Mesa County Public Health, visit

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