MGM raises price of COVID-19 testing to $38 a week for workers who opt out of vaccine – Community News

MGM raises price of COVID-19 testing to $38 a week for workers who opt out of vaccine

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — MGM Resorts is charging $38 per test for employees who chose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, up from the $15 per test announced in August.

According to a letter from MGM Resorts International CEO and President Bill Hornbuckle, the price will go up as the federal government enforces strict procedures for all unvaccinated employees at companies with more than 100 employees.

MGM is raising costs on Monday, November 22.

Hornbuckle’s letter states that $38 is half the cost MGM pays. And as the company continues to house employees who prefer testing over the vaccine, Hornbuckle makes it clear that he would like everyone to be vaccinated.

“As I’ve emphasized all year, if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, now is the time,” Hornbuckle said.

“In Las Vegas, 84% of our hourly workforce has responded to the call and for that I am deeply grateful. If you haven’t been vaccinated, make a plan today to protect yourself, your loved ones, our guests and your teammates from the virus,” he said.

MGM also specified November 27 as the date that employees must meet if they decide to get the vaccine.

“We waive the $38 co-payment for testing workers who receive their first dose of a two-shot vaccine by Nov. 27, and workers who receive the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, no longer need to participate in bi-weekly testing,” the letter said.

“Employees who do not meet the inspection requirement in time will receive an unpaid Suspension Pending Investigation (SPI) and will not be allowed to work,” the letter reads.

An earlier vaccination deadline in October resulted in 90 employees leaving the company, MGM said.