Michigan Senate passes COVID-19 workplace bills
Michigan Senate passes COVID-19 workplace bills

Michigan Senate passes COVID-19 workplace bills

Some of Michigan’s COVID-19 workplace policies would be repealed under legislation passed Thursday in the state Senate.

The bills would end certain protections for employees staying at home due to COVID-related circumstances, and liability protections for employers whose workers are exposed to the virus.

Senator Ken Horn (R-Frankenmuth) said some of these 2020 laws are no longer in line with the more relaxed current CDC guidelines.

“The CDC has changed its rules so many times that we have lost track of what is going on. So the CDC has changed its guidelines. It does not comply with our laws, so employers are a bit stuck between rock and hard right now,” he said. Horn.

He said it is hard for the employees, also, who may need to stay home from work longer than current CDC guidelines require.

“Instead of using the CDC guide, they had our public health guide. And then, just to avoid the confusion, to avoid the frustration, we just said we would repeal the law,” Horn said.

The legislation would end certain protections after July 1st. It would repeal the “COVID Response and Reopening Liability Assurance Act” completely in July next year to allow time for existing claims to be dealt with.

Horn told reporters that both workers and employees would still have guidance and protection if the law was changed.

He said it will come from policies of the CDC and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“I think with the CDC guidance, with workplace rules introduced by MIOSHA, there is a pretty good, clear understanding of what the role is for the courts,” Horn said.

The bill was passed by both chambers of the Legislative Assembly with broad support.

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