Mid-Michigan hospitals are running out of beds and staff due to COVID-19 – Community News

Mid-Michigan hospitals are running out of beds and staff due to COVID-19

LANSING, Michigan (WLNS) — According to the CDC, Michigan is the worst hotspot for COVID-19 in the country.

Several hospitals report being near or at capacity, including Memorial Healthcare.

Hospital president Brian Long said there are a few different reasons why the hospital is full.

One is that more patients are coming in.

“Right now the area that is most stressed is of course that covid area, but because of that high volume across the entire organization, be it ER, General Medical or COVID, the whole system is really hitting its max right now. said Long.

The other reason is staffing problems.

“We have two staffing issues. One is just the availability of staff and the ability to have regular staff, and of course, if you add in those who are sick themselves, it becomes kind of a perfect storm if you want to,” Long said.

However, other hospitals say staff is not the reason they are full. Health officials at Sparrow’s Lansing Hospital say it is at 98% capacity because of more patients, not less staff.

The president of Healthcare Operations at Henry Ford Health Systems, Bob Riney, said about 400 employees have been laid off because of the vaccination requirement.

That hospital says there are already new employees to fill those positions.

All three health care systems: Sparrow, Memorial and Henry Ford have had to postpone chosen procedures because of their capacity.

“If we don’t curb the current curve of covid-hospitalized hospitalizations, there are only so many team members and so many beds in a community and the math won’t work. And we’re going to have to curtail other operations,” Riney said.