Millions of residents in these 4 states will receive stimulus payments in May
Millions of residents in these 4 states will receive stimulus payments in May

Millions of residents in these 4 states will receive stimulus payments in May

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If you live in one of these four states, you may be in a new round of stimulus assistance.

Key points

  • There are no plans for the federal government to send more money, but that does not stop the states.
  • Residents of California, Delaware, Indiana and Illinois can expect to receive state stimulus payments this month.

Although the American people at present cannot expect to receive additional stimulus funds from the federal government, this does not mean that individual states have also put an end to their assistance. In fact, residents of the following four states can expect to receive additional stimulus payments in the month of May. Read on to find out the details of the additional stimulus from each state and who qualifies.


Some California residents are required to receive payments under two packages passed last year by the state legislature. The stimulus packages are called Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II. This is how they are set to work:

Golden State Stimulus I: Residents who typically receive California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) or file their taxes with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) qualify for a one-time payment of $ 600 or $ 1,200. According to the franchise tax board, you do not have to take any steps to receive the payment.

Golden State Stimulus II: Payments for $ 500 to $ 1,100 will either come in the form of a paper check or be deposited in bank accounts of those who meet the following criteria:

  • Filed 2020 taxes by October 15, 2021
  • Had a California adjusted gross income (AGI) of $ 1 to $ 75,000
  • Received salary of $ 0 to $ 75,000 for fiscal year 2020
  • Has been resident in California for more than half of 2020
  • Is resident in California on the date the payment is issued
  • Can not be claimed as a provider by another taxpayer

Some California residents will be eligible for both stimulus payments.


Delaware provides singles taxpayers a discount of $ 300, while couples applying jointly will receive $ 600. This rebate is open to Delaware residents who have filed a 2020 tax return, as well as those who have not earned enough to file a tax return.


Indiana offers incentives in the form of a tax refund to eligible residents. Single Hoosiers can expect to receive a single refund of $ 125, while couples applying jointly will receive $ 250. Anyone who has filed state taxes before January 3, 2022 is eligible. If you expect to receive a paper check rather than a direct deposit, these checks are not expected to be issued until later in the summer.


Sometime later this year, Illinois plans to release stimulus checks to 90% of Illinois taxpayers. The amount varies from $ 50 to $ 400, depending on the income of the recipient. More immediately, however, some Chicago residents are willing to accept help in the form of prepaid gas and transit cards.

According to the Chicago Moves website, the city of Chicago will issue up to 50,000 $ 150 prepaid gas cards and 100,000 $ 50 prepaid transit cards to qualified Chicagoans. Qualified recipients must:

  • Become a resident of the city
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Has a current city sticker with the correct postal address associated with the vehicle (gas card applicants only)
  • Has a total household income at or below 100% of the area’s median income

The application process opened on April 27, and the cards will be distributed every month through September this year. Of the cards that go out, 75% will prioritize residents living in areas with major mobility problems. A lottery will be conducted the second week of each month to determine the remaining recipients.

You can apply for a card at Chicago Moves website.

As the United States recovers global pandemicevery little bit of stimulus helps, regardless of its source.

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